Empowered learning

EmpoweredLearningGirls learn differently from boys. That’s why we believe in a girls-only education, where we can ensure the best teaching environment in which girls thrive and succeed. Click on the image to see our presentation on how girls learn.

This approach is at the heart of everything we do, from the way our teachers teach to how our girls learn. Setting goals, providing feedback, encouraging discussion, making the classroom a friendly and supportive environment where mistakes are embraced – all of this makes up a recipe for success, where girls feel comfortable and happy. A happy girl is a successful girl after all.

I love that the teachers are so supportive and that their main concern is that we are happy. I love the fact that our opinions matter. – Year 8 girl

Learning isn’t only about stretching the mind. We provide the most exciting, creative and challenging opportunities for our girls to take risks and grow their confidence and self-awareness in the wider world. They constantly take pride in achieving things they never thought possible.