School bursaries and scholarships

You can apply for a school bursary if your daughter is joining Year 7 or Year 12.

We believe that our quality education should be accessible to bright, talented girls from all backgrounds, whatever their financial circumstance. Although we can’t fund everyone, we try to support those who’d benefit most.

School Bursaries

If you’re interested in a place for your daughter, but your family is not in a position to cover the full fees, you may be eligible for a bursary through the Girls’ Day School Trust Bursary Scheme.

As a charity, the GDST aims to be an access enabler: seeking out the brightest, most deserving girls for bursaries so that the largest possible number of talented girls can benefit from an excellent GDST education. In particular, we aim as far as we can to focus our support on girls for whom the chance of a GDST education would be a transformative, life-changing prospect. You can read our booklet here:

GDST bursary booklet


Scholarships are our way of recognising and rewarding incredibly talented girls who we believe will go far in life. It’s possible to have a scholarship supplemented by a bursary.

Please get in touch for further information – or 0115 935 4444

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