Links to last a lifetime

Welcome back to NGHS!

It’s always wonderful to see the distance you go after leaving us and to welcome you back for events and as a guest writer of our alumnae magazine.

NGHS gave me what I needed to get here (Cambridge), and far more in terms of personal development that I am only just coming to realise now. As with most organisations, the work ethic, behaviour, and approach of those at the top of the tree filter down to all levels .  – 2011 leaver

We’ve been developing our alumnae network and if you haven’t already given us your current details, we’d love to hear from you.

Give us a ring on 0115 941 7663, email us at or catch up with the latest news and your old classmates on our Facebook page.

Even better, come back and see us! Even if for a chat over a cup of coffee. We’ll always make time to see you, so just give us a ring to arrange a time.

I’ll always be a High School girl, but now I’m a High School girl with new aspirations and aims. – 2012 leaver

Don’t forget, you’re automatically a member of the GDST Alumnae Network too and you can read all of their news on their website.

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