Handy information

Getting ready to join us? Hopefully we’ve covered most of your queries, but here’s some additional handy information that might help. And if you need to know anything else, just ask! Phone Sue or Katie in Admissions on 0115 935 4444.


Our new uniform is from our online supplier, Stevensons. Find out more on their website.

We welcome girls from all ethnic backgrounds. From Year 7, girls may wear trousers underneath or instead of a skirt. In all years, girls may wear special forms of dress or religious symbols essential to their religious or cultural background. We’re happy for girls to wear the hijab and only ask that it’s in plain black or navy.

Our Sixth Form girls don’t have a uniform but follow our dress code.


With a network of school buses to and from a wide range of areas across Nottinghamshire and neighbouring counties, we’re really easy to get to. The buses are organised by Nottingham High School and you can find our more about the routes in their booklet:

School buses 2018/19

Older girls can enjoy the full range of local city and county bus routes. We also have our own stop on the tramline, providing a quick link to the city centre and the train station.

Pastoral care

Ensuring our girls’ happiness and wellbeing is an important part of school life.
Through our pastoral care programme we make sure the girls always have someone to turn to for help and advice. We’re committed to taking a positive approach and, whenever possible, use praise and rewards to motivate and encourage our pupils.



We offer plenty of choice, with menus changing every three weeks. Our dishes are high in fibre, low in salt and saturated fat, and always baked rather than fried. Fresh vegetables are part of every main meal and fresh fruit is always available.

We always use high-quality ingredients, and local produce where we can, with all our suppliers approved by Red Tractor Food Standards or British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards.

Any special dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, religious requirements, coeliac/gluten free and food allergies, just let us know!