vInspired - Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering isn’t just good for the community. It’s good for skills building too. Our girls learn leadership, commitment and teamwork throughout our enrichment programme and are recognised with prestigious awards and international certificates.

The girls have made such an amazing film to promote our organisation. I really appreciate their time, effort and dedication. They have been wonderful and an absolute credit to the school. – Elizabeth Roache – Metropolitan Connect

VolunteeringNGHS is regarded as a beacon school – we have been recognised as a centre of excellence due to our continued involvement with the charitable and voluntary sectors, and we are often held up as a case study for how volunteering should be done.

vInspired is a government funded organisation which nationally rewards and recognises young people who volunteer. The girls sign up to the programme and register their involvement. They then have to document their volunteering time and a referee confirms the hours completed. Once this has been verified the girls are issued with certificates of recognition based on hours completed, for example V10, 30, 50 and V100.

We currently have 216 girls involved in the programme and over 9,301 volunteering hours have been amassed. Thirteen of our Year 12 girls have already achieved the V100 which is incredible. At the moment there is no certificate for V250 hours – one is having to be especially produced for our school! These awards are recognised by future employers and hugely beneficial to the girls when completing their UCAS applications.

There are plenty of opportunities for all of our girls to volunteer. The School Leaders project is a popular option for our Sixth Formers to work with the University of Nottingham for the local community. We encourage girls from every year group to get involved with our Service Learning Programme.

Find out more on our community links and other enrichment opportunities at NGHS.

Thank you so much to NGHS for the volunteering support we have received. The girls have been a great support again this year to our children and the centres and have done so much to inspire, lead and support. I would definitely recommend NGHS volunteers to anyone! – Laura Culverhouse – Into University