School aims and values

Our aims

Our aims and values are simple. We want all girls to be extraordinary and to grow into happy, confident, resilient and compassionate leaders of the future.

In an environment free from stereotypes, we provide cutting edge teaching and learning, an extensive enrichment programme and outstanding pastoral care.

Above all, our aim is for every girl to be happy, because we believe that a happy girl is a successful girl.

Our school values

As part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, we’re here to help every girl fulfil her potential and her dreams, and to empower and enable the next generations of women, to equip them with the ability to lead and make a difference in the world

Girls first

We put our girls first in everything we do; they are our focus. Their interests, happiness and wellbeing are always a first priority. We encourage each girl to be the best she can be and to reach her potential.

GDST Family

Your daughter will benefit from our connections with the schools within the Girls’ Day School Trust, supporting each other and sharing our learning across our unique network.


Our girls take risks. They develop the confidence to push themselves beyond their boundaries, to speak with conviction and commitment. With us, they have the freedom to make mistakes as they have fun trying to think and do things differently.


We stay ahead through purposeful innovation. Our school is a modern, teaching and learning environment in which we encourage our girls to set the bar high for themselves. They aim to always do the right thing, to be open, honest and accountable. This moral framework will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Find out more about how our school aims and values shape our approach to an all-girls education here at NGHS.