School Enrichment Programme

Alongside our first-class curriculum, we provide a vast array of enrichment opportunities so all of our girls have the chance to learn something new and hone their unique talents and skills.

What is enrichment?

With particular emphasis on music and sport, we have clubs and activities to suit every girl.

From ballet to orienteering and everything in between, clubs in the Junior School are designed to not clash with one another so girls can pursue more than one interest, and this really pays off. Click the button below to see just an example of how talented our musicians are:

These extra-curricular activities have improved my self-confidence immensely and have also offered me the ability to step outside of my comfort zone during challenging situations. I believe this is a vital skill for the future. – Sixth Form girl


Girls can follow their passions through to Senior School and Sixth Form, or choose something completely new! We offer a broad range of outdoor activities to develop wider skills such as leadership, teamwork, confidence and communication. Click on the image to see our climbing wall.

Our community links help us to connect to the wider world, preparing your daughter for the world beyond school and inspire her to have a positive impact on the community.  We also collaborate with influential businesses to provide our girls with scholarship and work experience opportunities, so they can turn an interest into a lifelong career.

It’s our aim to use our enrichment programme to give our girls the chance to progress themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and creatively. Just have a look at the vast array of enrichment opportunities on offer



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