An excellent education in your own home

We all know that there is nothing quite like being in school to obtain an excellent educational experience, but these are times like no other.  The safety and health of our community coupled with the government guidelines means that we have had to provide our usual high standard of education, remotely.

Guided Home Learning has become the buzz phrase of our time and here at Nottingham Girls’ High School, we not only have the ways and means to provide an outstanding education, but the passion and dedication of expert staff to deliver it. It’s been a great success during lockdown periods and we are confident that it will continue to be so if needed again.

Guided Home Learning at NGHS

As a progressive, creative and different school, we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and respond quickly when needs must. We have an amazing team of dedicated staff and some state of the art technology at our fingertips.  Our girls have their own school iPads and this has enabled us to provide our outstanding education and live lessons remotely throughout the lockdown periods. We took the learnings and feedback from the first lockdown to improve and perfect our provision for subsequent lockdown periods.

As experts in girls’ education we have years of experience and research on our side. We know how girls learn best, what makes them tick, what they respond to.  The feedback after the first lockdown  was clear and useful. It helped us prepare remote teaching and learning to benefit not only our girls but our staff too.  There are so many elements to successful education and engaging lessons, and in a remote setting these may be different, though the outcomes should be the same. We learn from our girls as much as they learn from us. Our Guided Home Learning programme has been designed to replicate the excellence of our in-school experience in the safety of a home setting for as long as it is required.

Our staff are also committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise to help not only the girls, but also their parents, to stay on top of the teaching and learning from home AND also at school. Miss Burns from our Psychology Department created four videos in a series called A Guide to Active Learning at School and Home which you can watch here: Part 1: Motivation Part 2 : Absorption Part 3 : Search for Meaning and Part 4 



Academic success is only part of the bigger picture of overall happiness and success. We have a huge number of enrichment opportunities and extracurricular activities to expand our girls’ horizons, and these too continued to be delivered remotely during lockdown.

In the age of Zoom and Google Meet there really is no limit to what we can provide for our girls. Our enrichment clubs range from music and dance to baking and board games, from art and science to debating and feminism, and a whole lot more besides. Our remote music projects have been particularly successful and very well received. You can read more about these and watch them in our blog post.

Girls really benefit from spending time with each other outside of academic classroom situations, and our enrichment programme provides this opportunity. Catching up with their friends and taking part in non-lesson activities while still gaining new skills and experiences makes for a well rounded individual.

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care is second to none and during these challenging and sometimes frightening times, it has been more important than ever.  Our girls know that they have a friend in their form tutor and can always communicate with them and with the heads of year about any worries they may have.

We are extremely lucky to have a superbly qualified and vastly experienced school nurse. Brenda has been on hand throughout the whole of the Covid crisis offering support and practical advice to our girls who are naturally concerned about many things at the moment.  A trained counsellor is also available and all of our staff have been trained in relevant issues and know how to deal with any concerns or where to direct them.

We know that mental health and wellbeing are crucially important at the best of times, and especially so during a time such as this. Academic success is difficult to achieve with unhappiness and poor mental health. It is our duty to provide the best pastoral care possible in order for our girls to feel safe and happy.  Our expert staff have the girls’ best interests at heart and will always go the extra mile to ensure that their emotional needs are met.

We are thrilled with how our girls and staff responded to the need for Guided Home Learning, and we’re not alone. Take a look at what our parents have been saying:




As part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) we also have access to a full range of extra resources that they provide for use by any of the schools in the GDST family.


Key Stages

Each Key Stage in school will have slightly different needs. Our Guided Home Learning programme has this all in hand, as do any of the resources provided by the GDST

Infant and Junior girls

Our expert teachers at the Nursery, Infant and Junior School are brilliant with our younger girls. Maintaining high standards while managing to make lessons fun and engaging from home is something at which they have become adept, and they have done a brilliant job. And complementing our provision, the GDST  launched some great initiatives for the younger girls including virtual trips to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre,  online storytelling and book clubs, science demonstrations, and Maths and Information Technology projects to name but a few. These have enabled girls from across GDST schools to work together, which they absolutely love to do.


Limitless Learning

GCSE and A Levels

Year 11 and Year 13 girls have understandably been rather anxious at the disruption to their exam year studies caused by the pandemic. We really feel for them and made special efforts to cater for their particular needs. Our teaching staff know exactly what to do and alongside the GDST Limitless Learning programme for Year 11 and Year 13 we know we’ve had every avenue covered.

Future Leaders

We’re very proud of our Sixth Form here at NGHS and the expert Careers service on offer at the school. We want our girls to go on to have the bright futures they’ve worked so hard towards and deserve. The GDST has an abundance of help at hand for these girls too. Conferences, workshops and leadership modules all help to boost the girls’ confidence and gain the expertise and knowledge to go forward and become the leaders of the future.




Find out more

If you have any questions at all about our school please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Even in lockdown you can still contact us. We’re always here and we’re happy to help. Telephone Katie in Admissions on 0115 935 4444 or email or simply request more information below.