Our extraordinary bespoke all girls’ nursery for ages three and above offers the first step into your daughter’s exciting learning journey at Nottingham Girls’ High School.

Our aim is to provide a fun, happy, safe environment for girls to develop their confidence, skills and love of learning. With expert staff and small class sizes, we shape every girl’s learning and development to bring out the best in her individually. Creative exploration, a variety of fun and challenging learning opportunities and specialist activities indoors and outdoors are enjoyed by all our girls. They learn, grow and enjoy the start of their journey into education. As part of the NGHS school provision, our nursery enjoys the same fabulous facilities, including a specialist nursery classroom, garden area and woodland, and the same inspiring values of the whole school.

Nursery Curriculum

A specialist Early Years qualified teacher leads the Nursery, engaging girls in activities to improve their skills and grow their confidence. Our rich EYFS curriculum is made up of seven distinct areas, including the three prime areas of Communication and Language; Physical and Personal, Social and Emotional development. Specialist teachers will also lead extra activities in Music, Sport, Languages and Forest School on a weekly basis.

A mixture of self-directed and teacher-led activities prepares girls for a seamless transition into Reception classes, as well as building confidence and skills for life beyond school.

Communication and Language
Your daughter will be offered a language rich environment to develop her confidence in expressing herself. We encourage a love of books, role play and songs, which all enable your daughter’s language, vocabulary and speaking to take-off! She will be able to practise her public speaking in regular Show and Tell sessions.

Your daughter will have the opportunity to develop her fine and gross motor skills, co-ordination, balance and movement. Both the indoor and outdoor learning environments will be used to develop this prime area of learning.

Personal, Social and Emotional
We encourage and support your daughter as she develops friendships and builds her social skills. Your daughter will also develop her emotional literacy, including being able to express how she feels and how to manage her emotions.

Books, stories and poems underpin your daughter’s learning in this area and aim to ignite her interests. Our excellent lending library will ensure that her love of books extends to home also.

Stimulating activities are delivered to develop your daughter’s knowledge of number, counting, shape and pattern.

Understanding the World
Being able to explore the world around her, including our local area will form an exciting part of her learning. She will be able to find out more about the world and environment we live in; the places and people that live here and the technology available.

Expressive Arts and Design
Arts, crafts, music and role play are included in abundance to ensure that your daughter is able to express herself, use her imagination and develop a range of skills.

An Extraordinary Team

Specialist Teachers
We are excited to offer daily specialist learning sessions, taught by our inspirational teachers and the Nursery teacher.

Forest Schools
Our onsite woodland is the perfect setting for developing a love of the outdoors, nature and benefits your daughter’s physical wellbeing, vocabulary and problem solving skills. A range of learning activities are delivered in the woodland.

Food Technology
Cooking and baking is the best way to develop mathematical and scientific language, listening and physical skills, whilst learning about safety in food preparation, healthy foods and food sources.

Early ball skills, running games, balance yoga and climbing all build physical strength and a sense of wellbeing, including self-esteem and confidence in your daughter.

Your daughter will enjoy a fun and engaging session which will include movement, dance and singing. An exposure to different musical instruments will also begin to grow her interest in making music herself.

Using simple songs, greetings and puppetry, your daughter will be introduced to French.

Teamwork with Parents

At Nottingham Girls’ High School we understand how important it is to communicate with parents regularly to ensure the best possible experience for our girls. We build partnerships with our parent community as this is essential for your daughter’s eventual educational success. We encourage you to come into the Nursery classroom at the beginning and end of the day and for special events throughout the year. Our friendly staff are always available for you to talk to. We will communicate with you through a weekly newsletter, informing you of key events and celebrating the weeks’ activities and achievements. Your daughter will have a Learning Journal which will be shared with you regularly and during the year we will invite you to many events to showcase your daughter’s learning and experiences at NGHS Nursery.

We also use an online platform to record your daughter’s achievements called Tapestry which you will be able to view through a secure login and also add to with achievements that take place out of Nursery.

Our door is always open and you are welcome to pop in for a chat with a member of our team. If you’d like more details including fees and how to apply, please see our Details and Application page.