We are so proud and excited to share our most recent report from the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) who visited us in March 2024.

Our previous report in 2019 rated us as Excellent in all areas, and this year’s report has made us super proud once again. The new ISI framework introduced this year does not allocate single ratings; instead we are benchmarked against five key standards:

  • Leadership, management and governance
  • Quality of Education, training and recreation
  • Pupils’ physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Pupils’ social and economic education and contribution to society
  • Safeguarding 

We’re delighted to say that ALL standards have been met, after impressing the inspectors on all levels.

You can read the full report below, and we have highlighted some of the key findings:


ISI Full Report 2024

The key highlights:

1: “Pupils’ wellbeing is a high priority for all leaders, governors and proprietors, especially in terms of meeting the school’s stated aim to empower female pupils through education.  Leaders successfully create an inclusive environment so that pupils have the opportunity to flourish and succeed in all aspects of school life.  Leaders provide an education which challenges and inspires pupils of all ages, and instils in them the freedom and confidence to speak up, act independently and embrace the opportunities that spark their curiosity.”



2: “Lessons are well planned, delivered at an engaging pace and utilise a wide range of resources and teaching activities which recognise individual needs, ensuring that pupils learn well.  Teaching provides pupils with higher prior attainment with activities matched to their needs, enabling them to make good progress.”

3: “Pupils’ respect for themselves and others in their community is mature and well developed.  Pupils show tolerance and their attitudes to diversity and inclusion are highly positive.  Leaders actively encourage pupils to express their views and identities in a number of areas which are important to the school community.  This enables the pupils to develop their own individuality, self-confidence and feel empowered to ‘speak up-speak out’.”



4: “Pupils show highly positive attitudes to their learning and are keen to do well.  They are confident and well-motivated.  Pupils respond enthusiastically because of teaching which provides them with frequent opportunities to explore their own ideas and thinking.”

5: “Pupils make good progress in lessons, enabled by high expectations and expertise of the teachers.”

6: “Relationships between staff and pupils are positive and grounded in mutual respect.  Trust is evident between adults and pupils, with the atmosphere in lessons being informal, calm and accessible for all pupils.”  


ISI Full Report 2024