As we wave a virtual goodbye for the summer to the girls at NGHS, we can say without a doubt that school year 2019/20 will be one that we will never forget.

The year started so well. We had some wonderful trips and shows at the Senior School and the Infant and Juniors, we officially launched our Nursery, we received a glowing report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate, Mrs Keller gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, Mrs Handford-Smith stepped in as maternity cover and then . . . . .  well, you know the rest.

While all of these amazing things that happened seem like a lifetime ago, it can be argued that the MOST amazing things have happened since the Covid-19 crisis presented us with the biggest challenge in the school’s history. Delivering our excellent education throughout lockdown has been a learning curve for all of us, but the whole school community has risen to the challenge and we have done a brilliant job.

NGHS - Artwork "Guided home learning. Progressive. Creative. Different."

You only need to look at some of the incredible things that have taken place during this period to see what teamwork looks like. Everybody has pulled together and our achievements speak for themselves. The quality of work produced through our Guided Home Learning programme has been exceptional, showing the dedication and commitment of our expert teaching staff, and the co-operation and engagement of our girls and their parents and families. Your feedback means a lot to us too. It’s good to know that we got it right.

NGHS - various positive guided home learning quotes on soft coloured backgrounds.

Zoom meetings, Google classroom and virtual lessons have become the norm and added a new dimension to school friendships and relationships between staff and girls. We are proud to be a modern, progressive school and have always embraced new technologies so we were prepared for this new way of teaching and learning and have made a success of it.

There are so many highlights that we cannot begin to list them all, including the Summer Exhibition, the GDST events and the huge array of Music and Drama collaborations and performances across the whole school. The link below will take you to the Senior School Newsletter which contains a summary of news from the final term at the Senior School.

Senior School Newsletter July 2020

We are truly indebted to the NGHS community for their continued support of the school and all that we do. We really, REALLY hope that everybody has a well deserved break over the summer and maybe even a holiday, all being safe and well.

See you in September!