This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week and our Wellbeing Prefects have been busy, looking out for all of us.

This week’s wellbeing blog is based on Mental Health Awareness Week. This year’s theme is kindness in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, it is important to spread kindness and shine a light across the community during this pandemic.

The theme this year was originally planned to be based on sleep. However, the importance of coming together as a community to reflect on acts of kindness has been recognised as meaningful and helpful during this time of crisis.

It is vital to maintain healthy wellbeing and mindset especially during this time and so please reach out and showcase your acts of kindness to everyone!

Here are some suggestions and recommendations:

  • Try and help out with chores
  • Try helping out with homework
  • Write a thank you letter to someone
  • Check up and call friends and family
  • Draw a rainbow or a kind message using chalk

Try out some of these activities. If you can, please post them on social media and include #kindnessmatters.

As part of the NGHS community, We have all come together, creating our own pledges:


For more information, please visit: