For everyone who might be looking for wellbeing ideas, Positive Me folders are a lovely way to help keep our spirits lifted. 

Many of our Junior School girls will have enjoyed putting these together already. We hope lots of you enjoy looking through them, adding to them over the coming weeks and perhaps even creating some for yourself, friends and family. 

What is a Positive Me folder?

A Positive Me folder can be anything that helps you collect examples of things that make you feel happy. It could be a scrapbook, a photo album, an envelope or a shoe box.

What should I put in it?

Everyone has different things that make them smile. There are ways to represent lots of these things in a Positive Me collection. You might want to include photographs of favourite people and places, theatre tickets from events you’ve enjoyed, postcards from friends or certificates of great things you’ve achieved. Some people collect treasures from their garden – leaves, feathers or pressed flowers.  Many add pictures they’ve drawn and received.

What do I do with it?

Add to it whenever something makes you smile. If you receive a thoughtful letter, or you feel inspired to write a poem about something that’s captured your imagination, add it to your folder.

Look through it as much as you can to remind yourself of all the positive feelings your items bring about. Share it with your friends by describing it over the phone. You could send messages with pictures of it to your friends too. Talk your family through it while you’re staying at home.

Also, think about something you might be able to send someone that will make them smile. Maybe send them a message that they can print and put in their own Positive Me folder, or send them a card.



We’re sending positive thoughts to our whole school community as we all adapt to a new routine staying at home.

All the very best from the team at NGHS and thank you to all our pupils, staff, parents and friends for their spirit of togetherness.