We are absolutely thrilled with the results of our recent ISI inspection last term, and are delighted to share the details with you.



We achieved the highest possible rankings from the inspection and were rated excellent for both academic achievement and quality of personal development. We couldn’t be more proud of our exceptional school, a community made up of a dedicated team of staff and truly inspirational group of girls.

The inspectors were bowled over by the positivity, warmth and incredible results achieved by the school and described their visit as a “joy to be here.”

There is a great deal to share, and we hope you will read the full inspection report linked here at the bottom of the page. These are some of the key elements we’re most proud to summarise:



Academic excellence

Academic excellence is at the heart of everything we do here. Our expertise in how girls learn and our commitment to being at the forefront of effective teaching and learning has delivered excellent academic results. Academic achievement is given the highest possible rating of excellent in the report. All areas of the school  rated above the national average for maintained schools, including rating “well above” in GCSE results, and “far above”  in A Level results.

Pupils are described as showing “highly positive attitudes towards learning” and “achieving great success across a wide range of academic, sporting, drama, music and other activities.”

We know that communication and collaboration are important skills to enable girls to learn most effectively, and we know these are the most highly important skills to have later in life. That’s why we incorporate communication skills, confidence, teamwork and collaboration into every one of our lessons and extra curricular activities. We are especially delighted to see that these qualities are specifically pulled out in the report.


duke of edinburgh expedition


Personal development

As well as achieving great results, we empower our girls to grow as individuals. We know each and every girl, and our commitment to personal development is recognised in the ISI report, where we are given the  highest possible rating of excellent.

Girls’ understanding of themselves and their peers is also recognised in the report, and their respect, confidence and empathy are noted and commended. One of the elements we are most proud to see recognised, is the observation that NGHS girls of all ages are kind and caring. This is something we instil in all of our girls all the way from age 3 to 18, and is one of the reason NGHS is such a happy place to be.

Resilience is also a key skill that our girls develop through the opportunities they’re given and the way they’re taught at school. This is particularly noted in reference to the Nursery, Infant and Junior School, where the RECIPE for success, standing for Resilience, Empathy, Creativity, Initiative, Positivity and Excellence, is clearly seen to be utilised meaningfully through all aspects of the girls’ education.


nottingham girls' high school teacher interacting with a pupil



The new NGHS Nursery is also praised, with the girls’ excellent learning in numbers, counting, shapes and patterns are commended and described as being a result of the enjoyable and stimulating activities set by their teachers. We’re thrilled to receive such excellent feedback so soon after launching this exciting new offer to an NGHS education.



The wider world

As proud members of the Nottingham community, we are also pleased to see the girls’ excellent work with the wider community recognised. Charitable work, fundraising, appreciation for the non-material aspects of life and their attitude towards all types of diversity is noted in the report. These qualities are so encouraging, because we know that NGHS girls will become future leaders and contribute positively to the wider world, which we know will be an extremely exciting place for our girls to be.


Read the full ISI report from December 2019 here.