Nottingham Girls’ High School Return to School Information

September 2020


We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone to school in September 2020.

We understand that you and your daughter might be feeling a mixture of emotions about returning to school; excited about finally being allowed back to NGHS but also anxious about how different things might be.


This handbook seeks to clarify the important points for you and your daughter(s). Please read it together and ensure you both understand the new routines and expectations. Girls will have continual reminders from staff. These procedures are designed to keep everybody safe and are only temporary measures while we work through the social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please help us to ensure that the measures are adhered to.


The information here is in addition to the detailed risk assessment that has been developed specifically for the start of the academic year 2020 and will be shared before the start of term.




Girls will be in set bubbles by year group. Although we advise that girls should maintain social distancing wherever possible, under government guidance each bubble is permitted to mix without the “1 metre plus” rule being in place.

To ensure that social distancing is maintained between different year groups, bubbles will have designated space in the school, including outdoor space, and will have dedicated entrance and exit points and toilets. Girls must strictly adhere to remaining in their own year group bubbles and must not come into contact with girls in other bubbles within the school day. A one-way system is in place to support this.


Girls will stay within their bubble areas in the main, but will visit specialist classrooms where appropriate e.g. Science Labs. In these cases, all desks and equipment will be wiped down at the end of every lesson.


Please see the table and map below for information on where your daughter will enter, exit and spend most of her time.

Year 7
  7C 7D 7S 7T
Form Tutor Mrs Cooper Mrs Dixon Miss Spray Miss Taylor
Form Room ME1 ME3 ME2 ME5
Year 7
Entrance Door Exit Door Toilets Outside Area Break Food Lunch Food
Friday 4th September only:


(Point 4 on Map)


From Monday 7th September: Lower School Common Room

(Point 1 on Map)

Friday 4th September only:


(Point 4 on Map)


From Monday 7th September:

Lower School Common Room

(Point 1 on Map)

Atrium Left Green Area A Philipps House


Dining Hall


Year 8
  8B 8C 8J 😯
Form Tutor Mrs Blasco Mrs Cann Mrs Jones Miss Oakley
Form Room C1 C2 C3 C4
Year 8
Entrance Door Exit Door Toilets Outside Area Break Food Lunch Food
Covered Way

Point 3 on Map

Covered Way

Point 3 on Map

Clarence Lodge Green Area B Hall Dining Hall


Year 9
  9D 9G 9W
Form Tutor Miss Davis Mr Hawkins Dr Ward
Form Room R2 R4 R1
Year 9
Entrance Door Exit Door Toilets Outside Area Break Food Lunch Food
Atrium Front

Point 4 on Map

Atrium Back

Point 4 on Map

Atrium Right Radnor Garden The Space Dining Hall


Year 10
  10C 10F 10H 10L
Form Tutor Dr Critchley Miss Furlong Mrs Holmes Mr Leeman
Form Room M10 M9 M7 M6
Year 10
Entrance Door Exit Door Toilets Outside Area Break Food Lunch Food
Milford M1 Corridor

Point 6 on Map

Pool Court (Staff Room)

Point 7 on Map

M1 Corridor Pool Court Dining Hall Dining Hall


Year 11
  11B 11BR 11W
Form Tutor Miss Boothe Mr Brown Mrs Wilson-Wood
Form Room M108 M107 Library Classroom
Year 11
Entrance Door Exit Door Toilets Outside Area Break Food Lunch Food
Milford Undercroft Locker Area

Point 8 on Map

Milford Bus Lane

Point 9 on Map

Locker Room Area Dining Hall Garden Dining Hall Dining Hall


Year 12
12A 12B 12G 12I 12P
Form Tutor Mr Aspley Mrs Bourachot Mrs Gibbs Mrs Inman Mrs Pilling
Form Room C9 C8 C6 C7 C10
Year 12
Entrance Door Exit Door Toilets Outside Area Break Food Lunch Food
Clarence Side

Point 10 on Map

Clarence Side

Point 10 on Map

Sixth Form Sixth Form Garden Sixth Form Café Sixth Form Cafe


Year 13
  13B 13F 13T 13M 13R 13S
Form Tutor Miss Burns Miss Furness Mrs Terry Mr Macfarlane Mr Robson Mrs Sparrow
Form Room S3 S4 S1 P3 P2 P1
Year 13 – Forms 13B, 13F and 13T
Entrance Door Exit Door Toilets Outside Area Break Food Lunch Food
The Space Front

Point 11 on Map

Sixth Form Common Room

Point 12 on Map

Sixth Form Sixth Form Garden Sixth Form Café Sixth Form Cafe
Year 13 – Forms 13M, 13R and 13S
Entrance Door Exit Door Toilets Outside Area Break Food Lunch Food
Philipps House Front

Point 13 on Map

Philipps House Front

Point 13 on Map

Sixth Form Sixth Form Garden Sixth Form Café Sixth Form Cafe




School buses – school buses will run a normal service with some routes being combined. The companies have completed risk assessments and safety measures in line with Government guidance.


All girls must use a face covering whilst on the school bus and sanitiser will also be available before, during and after the journey. Registers will be taken on inward and outbound journeys. Girls should sit in year group bubbles on the inward journey to school and will board the bus straight from lessons at the end of the school day. They will be asked to sit at the rear of the bus, in their year group bubbles on their return journey. Nottingham High School students will sit at the front of the bus on their return journeys.


Please see the risk assessment for further details regarding school bus journeys which will be issued before the start of term.


Please note that if you wish your daughter to travel to school on the school bus, you will need to book her place. There is no automatic roll over from previous years. For up-to-date information about routes and prices, please contact Bus tickets can be purchased on line via Wise Pay.

Travelling by car – Due to the expected increase in girls being dropped off and picked up at school by car, we strongly advise that parents of older girls park a short distance from school, for example at The Forest, with your daughter walking to school and to meet you at the end of the school day. This will keep everyone safe when walking on Arboretum Street and Balmoral Road.


Walking to and around school – To support social distancing, we will operate a one-way walking system on Arboretum Street. On The Space side of the road, girls should walk from East to West (i.e. in the direction of The Space to the Music House). On the Dining Hall side of the road, they should walk from West to East (i.e. in the direction from the Dining Hall, past Milford Building, towards the blue sports courts). Staff will be on hand to help and direct.


What girls should bring to school?

Every day: a coat, filled water bottle (this can be re-filled at access points during the day), all resources and books required for her day including her charged iPad. Many departments will be using iPads for written work. For new girls and Year 7s, these will be issued as soon as possible in September. Lockers will not be available so coats will be kept on the back of chairs and girls will be allowed to wear them when walking around the school. Mobile phones are permitted only when necessary, for example, if a pupil uses public transport to travel to and from school. Girls will keep them on their person and will be responsible for keeping them safe themselves.


Girls are expected to wear uniform, including blazers. No jewellery, apart from religious jewellery, is permitted (parents are encouraged to make their own decision re. religious jewellery).


On the first day: Books will not be required on the first day, only stationery equipment in a pencil case and iPads. Girls should be aware that these resources must not be shared.


Girls should come to their allocated bubble entrance, where a member of staff will greet them and let them in. Tutors will tell the girls the door codes during tutor time.


The school day

Induction Days: In order to give girls a settled and focused reintroduction to school, year group inductions will be split over different days. Girls should only come in for their allocated day. They should wear their PE kit for their induction.


Thursday 3 September – Years 8, 9, 11 and 13 (plus Nursery, Infant and Junior School)


Friday 4 September Years 7, 10 and 12


This time will be spent with form tutors to ensure girls understand their areas, the one-way system and social distancing guidelines and new fire procedures. It is also important that they spend time reconnecting with their form group.


Curriculum lessons will begin for all pupils on Monday 7 September and Year 13 girls will have mock exams for the week commencing Monday 7th September.


Arriving at school

We are not planning to stagger the start and finish times of the school day as the different entrance and exit points to the school for each bubble will minimise the number of people in one area at a time.


Girls may arrive between 8 and 8:30am at their designated area and will follow a one-way system that will be clearly sign-posted. The Dining Hall is open for girls to have breakfast from 7.30am but parents and non-NGHS siblings are not allowed in the Dining Hall. Girls will sit in specified year group bubble areas in the Dining Hall.


Girls must wash their hands straight away when entering any of the school buildings at designated toilets. We will also have additional hand sanitisers throughout school and girls will wash their hands at the end of each lesson.


Girls must remain at her given desk in each classroom. This applies to lessons and during break and lunch if spent in that room.


Any girl who is late, must not go the school office but straight to her lesson. The member of teaching staff will amend the register.


If your daughter has a pre-booked appointment, please contact school in the usual way to arrange. To limit the number of visitors in school, please telephone reception when you arrive to collect her and your daughter will be brought to you outside.




We will not be having any formal assemblies in large groups. Instead virtual assemblies will take place during the week.


Extra-curricular activities

Clubs run by teaching staff will go ahead and will be allocated to certain year groups or bubbles to ensure that all girls can access a lunch time activity. Classroom cleaning procedures will be followed.



We intend to conduct curriculum music lessons in as normal a way as possible and will continue with academic lessons. We will have additional safety and cleaning procedures in place.


We await guidance on individual one to one music lessons. Further details will be sent to parents and girls once school has received this.


Catering provision

There will be multiple locations for girls to purchase and eat their snacks and lunch.  Girls will be directed to their allocated area.   High quality hot and cold food will be available for girls at breakfast, break time and lunch time.


Year groups will have their lunch at staggered times and girls will be given specific details during their Induction Day at school.


Each bubble will have access to the same food offer at designated points around the school. A ‘grab and go’ lunch will also be available to purchase at break time at these points, as well snacks to minimise queuing at lunch time.


During lunch time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there will be a main course of non-Halal meat and a vegetarian offer. Tuesday and Thursday’s meat offer will be Halal and a vegetarian option will also be available. A cold “grab and go” offer will be available each day. Please see the included table of information for the break time food points for each year group bubble.


Girls will be made aware in advance of what choices are available in advance to support the efficiency of the catering systems in place.


Toilets are allocated close to each year group bubble and girls will be required to socially distance. Girls will only be permitted to use other toilets in an emergency, but otherwise will need to return to their bubble toilets.

Break time

Year groups will have specific spaces, including outdoor spaces, to use for their break times. Girls will be shown these spaces on Induction Day. Please see the included map and table of information for details.



End of Day Routines

Girls will travel home in the usual way, taking care on the roads and one-way system on Arboretum Street. Girls going home on the school bus and tram should make their way immediately to the areas and board as soon as possible


After School Club will be available in the Senior School Library as usual. Girls will maintain their year group bubbles by being seated in the designated year group zones. They must be socially distant from other year groups.


PE lessons

In order to limit the use of changing facilities, on PE days, girls must come to school in, and remain in, their PE kit all day. When Year 12 have PE, they may also come in fitness attire. Girls should wear their skorts with skins underneath or tracksuit bottoms on top. Lessons will be conducted within year groups as normal with the focus being on developing skills, physical activity and mental health through sport. The girls will be able to take part in some team sports within their bubble and lessons will follow GDST and government guidance with regards to social distancing and safety of all the students.


Use of PPE
Teachers will only wear a face covering if they choose to and if they are coming into extra close contact e.g. first aiders. It is not a requirement for girls to wear facemasks, but they may choose to do so if they wish. If travelling to school on public transport, girls will need to wear a face mask in line with government regulations.



We have additional cleaning taking place throughout the school and also have additional hand sanitisers in place. Equipment will be cleaned at the end of every lesson.



Please let us know if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms. In this instance, government guidance to self-isolate must be followed. Please confirm the results of any tests that you have with us. We will track and trace contacts accordingly.


If a child becomes ill with COVID symptoms whilst in school, they will go to a specific isolation room while they wait to be collected to go home. We would then ask you to arrange for them to be tested and if the test is negative they would return to school when they felt better. If the test was positive they would remain at home and everyone else in the bubble would need to self-isolate for 14 days.


In a similar vein, if your daughter has any sign of any other illness, please keep her at home. If any illness develops whilst in school, we will contact you to collect her.



The emotional wellbeing of our girls is of the utmost importance and we will spend lots of time over the first days back and in the months ahead ensuring the wellbeing of the girls following lockdown and a return to school. Please let us know if you have any concerns or if you feel your daughter needs any specific support by contacting:


Mrs Shipman –  Key Stage 3                                                  


Mrs Lewis – Key Stage 4                                                          


Mrs Skelton – Key Stage 5                                                      



Parent visits to school

If parents need to drop an item off at school for their daughter, for example, if they have forgotten something, please leave it in the foyer of the main door to the Senior School rather than coming into Reception. Please either pop a note on the item to say who it is for or ring Reception and let us know.

If you need to see a member of staff, please make an appointment in advance, or discuss the matter over the phone where possible.

To maintain the required safety measured we will be asking some track and trace questions for all visitors and will be limiting the number of people in Reception at one time. We will also ask all visitors to please wear face masks whilst waiting in Reception.