Our Wellbeing Prefects are always on the lookout for useful things to help us during these challenging times. Saujanya has found some blog ideas to share with us.

Lockdown and social distancing have had a big impact on all of our lives and one useful source of help and guidance is through blogs. Saujanya, one of our Wellbeing Prefects, has looked into some blogs and has some recommendations.

As well as providing great tips and recommendations, these bloggers have also based their blogs on interesting concepts such as ‘choosing where your energy goes’ and ‘the positive effects of failure’.

The blogs are specifically regarding the following topics:

The wellbeing blogger

  • The wellbeing blogger is written by Vanessa Dias. She explores many fascinating concepts including ‘choosing kindness over madness’ and ‘how to turn off your inner critic’. She covers topics that are very interesting, engaging, and motivational. I particularly liked reading her blog on ’11 reasons why I might not succeed and 11 reasons I will’ where she explained how she wanted to grow her independence and carve out her path!

 She is so lucky

  • The ‘she is so lucky’ blogs explore a variety of concepts including motivation and setting goals which are very appealing to everyone. Her blogs provide many useful tips and advice on determination as well as handling failures which is very beneficial. I enjoyed reading her blog on ‘positive effects of failure’ as it showcases failure as a driving and motivational force to accomplish more goals!

The food medic

  • Dr Hazel Wallace writes the food medic blog through which she provides numerous recipes for delicious nutritional vegan food and, tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. She provides many recipes including for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. I liked her ‘spiced apple and chia overnight oats’ which used minimal ingredients, took very little time and it tasted amazing!

The body coach

  • The body coach blogs are written by Joe Wicks and they are based on fitness and healthy diets to help maintain great wellness. For example, he wrote a blog based on “DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” which was very useful because it provides an outline of the causes and many preventions and solutions to tackle this. Due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus, he has also started a PE project where he hosts a free workout session on YouTube to ensure that everyone is staying healthy and active.

Finer Minds

  • Finer minds blogs base their blogs on topics such as wellbeing mindfulness, success, and self-awareness. The blogs provide advice to ensure that a positive mindset is maintained. They also tackle intriguing concepts such as ‘what is the purpose of life’ which provides 16 answers from 16 inspirational people such as the Dalai Lama and Luminita Saviuc! I liked reading about ’10 habits to improve self-confidence’ as it provides great helpful tips such as taking risks and stopping yourself from comparing to others.

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