Choosing a school is one of the biggest decisions a girl and her family can make. Read our guest blog by Sophia Lamb, Year 11.

When finishing primary school having had a fulfilling experience, I was reluctant to look to the future for fear of change. Coming from a state school, I wanted to follow the norms and attend the feeder school. Yet, when my parents asked me the crucial question of ‘what I wanted to do with my life’, it took me little deliberation to reply that I wanted to make a difference in the world. I always felt confident in a leading role and my friends describe me as caring, focused and diligent.

My family encouraged me to visit Nottingham Girls’ High School, and I felt mixed emotions of excitement and nerves. Visiting the buildings that seemed huge at the time, I wondered if I would ever be able to navigate the endless halls. But what put me at ease, and made my decision much easier was the talk given by the Headmistress and knowing that you don’t have to be the finished article or the perfect girl to attend. This helped me seriously consider the school that I thought was beyond my reach. ‘This is a school of leaders of the future, and they are all here to make a difference’. It was that statement that solidified my secondary school decision. If I wanted to become someone who will have a positive impact on the world, this secondary school was the one for me.

I expected to change and grow at secondary school, but I hadn’t expected to be part of a whole new family. Not only is NGHS a highly academic school, but it looks beyond the curriculum. There is a huge array of enriching opportunities for all types of girls, from visiting Roman ruins on a Classics trip, to Antigua netball tours, to Los Angeles Drama trips. There is something to suit everyone at lunchtime allowing girls to increase confidence and grow as individuals. Staying in the same form groups from Year seven to eleven means that you can create strong bonds and a relaxed environment which is especially important during exam periods. Helping girls feel secure and happy in school is a main priority, with a good awareness of teenage girls and the issues they may have, the pastoral care team is outstanding.

Looking towards career opportunities is different for everyone but this school helps girls understand career paths and explore their passions. The careers advisor creates amazing opportunities for girls to make connections with people in high powered positions from the networking events. It is possible to explore different universities, colleges and apprenticeships at the annual fair. Advice and instruction is given when approaching for work experience, applying to universities and writing personal statements. This system allows girls to feel prepared when leaving school and be able to fully unlock their potential.

NGHS has a welcoming ethos with hands on teaching staff and state of the art facilities to give the best learning experience. Girls are polite, happy and confident and are all set to achieve great things. This school will accommodate any girl and help make her the best girl she can be.