Community links

At NGHS, we maintain strong links with businesses, charities, volunteering organisations and local schools. It’s the perfect way to bring learning outside the classroom and inspire girls to think of their future roles in the world and the difference they can make.

Community partnership

Our community outreach and partnership programme, Reach Out, works with local primary schools throughout the year on various academic and creative events.

Committed to inspiring a love for learning and achievement in children and young people, Reach Out works to raise attainment by providing extraordinary opportunities and experience days through innovative and engaging workshops. Children grow in confidence across a range of skills, including teamwork, negotiation and listening.

Designed with primary core subjects in mind, our provision includes STEAM, computing, the arts, outdoor learning, learning support, business and enterprise.


Opportunities for our girls

Our community and partnership provision gives our girls the opportunity to take up leadership roles as ambassadors for the school, working with children of various ability, encouraging positive attitudes to learning and promoting girls in education. Our Year 5 and 6 girls grow in confidence through supporting our Tots activities on site every week, whilst our Senior and Sixth Form girls enjoy working with children from partnership schools on Reach Out events. We are very proud of the commitment and hard work that our girls put into our community programmes.


Charity support

We run local and national fundraising campaigns for charities, where the girls and staff find creative ways to raise money for good causes and volunteer their time to make a positive impact on the wider community.

Our girls also take the initiative themselves, often championing charities close to their own hearts. These have included some fearless and intrepid adventures from hiking great distances to skydiving, all rewarded with incredible sums of money being raised.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering isn’t just good for the community. It’s good for skills building too. Our girls learn leadership, commitment and teamwork throughout our enrichment programme and are recognised with prestigious awards and international certificates, including the vInspired certificates of recognition.

There are plenty of opportunities for all of our girls to volunteer. The School Leaders project is a popular option for our Sixth Formers to work with the University of Nottingham for the local community. We encourage girls from every year group to get involved with our Service Learning Programme.

Work experience

Work experience is our girls’ first taste of life after education.

We work with a number of successful national and global businesses to provide mentoring and career advice for our girls, regularly inviting them to our careers fairs. Placements allow them to explore new technology and innovations, build their knowledge of specific career paths and form useful relationships for future projects.

This is one of the many ways we benefit from our inspirational alumnae network across both NGHS and the GDST. Many of our alumnae support future female leaders with work placements and coaching.