Senior School

Unlocking talents and uncovering passions

Our Senior School is where girls really come into their own. We see them find their unique voices, discover their true passions and make decisions to shape their future careers.

It’s an exciting time. Just walk through our corridors and past our classrooms, you’ll feel the buzz and the energy. We provide the ideal environment for our girls to flourish and grow. Our spaces, facilities, teachers and the girls themselves create a vibrant, creative and inspiring community.

“Everyone is so supportive and friendly. They all love doing what they do and there is always something exciting happening too” – Year 7 girl

Our lessons are designed to be as enjoyable as they are memorable, where success and happiness go hand in hand. In these classes, your daughter will discover and unlock her talents, develop and refine her skills, and continue to grow in confidence, ready for the next step of her education.

Of course, learning goes beyond the classroom where our girls develop their leadership skills, teamwork and self-confidence.

Our Senior School sports clubs are all about enjoyment and challenging yourself to be extraordinary. We encourage all girls to take part in our vast selection of sports activities. From hockey and netball to rowing and gymnastics, there is something for everyone!

Year 7 are always welcomed into Senior School life with a day of fun activities: