Pastoral care - Senior School

Happiness and success are inseparable. Girls learn best and achieve their full potential when they enjoy their education

WellbeingThat’s why we put pastoral care at the heart of everything we do. Our pastoral care team works closely together and we pride ourselves on knowing the individual needs of our girls and helping them develop into strong and confident young women.

One of the fundamental aspects of a girl’s happiness is her friends. All of our staff are trained to teach our girls the skills of making friends and we have a Supportive Friends Programme, where girls learn to look out for anyone who may be struggling and to put support in place to help.

“The school is so welcoming. When I joined in Year 5 everyone was so kind and welcoming. I settled in very quickly and I’m happy” – Year 7 girl

Every aspect of school life, from our curriculum to our extra-curricular activities, is designed to give our girls a fun and exciting education with opportunities to build on happiness and work towards success. This will help give every pupil – every remarkable, bright, funny, kind and individual young girl – the self-assurance and social awareness that will help her excel in her chosen path.

From our House system to our busy programme of trips and excursions, so many aspects of life here at NGHS will provide your daughter with a more enriching and enjoyable experience. Our current pupils tell us they love it here. Our alumnae say they couldn’t have had a better start to their lives and careers. And that really is the most fulfilling part of what we do.