Tots play space

The new online platform designed to inspire parents and educate toddlers through play at home.

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The New Tots Play Space

The Tots Play Space is a brand new online platform from the Early Years education experts at Nottingham Girls’ High School. It’s designed to support families at home with ideas, inspiration and detailed guidance on how to enjoy exciting, enriching and educational activities at home. By sharing the Characteristics of Effective Learning, the NGHS Nursery and Reception teachers have designed a full range of fun adventures that can easily be created at home, in the garden or in your local area.

It's completely free of charge and we invite pre-school aged boys and girls to join us.

Simply sign up below and we’ll send an email to you with everything you need to access the Tots Play Space. Activities are updated every fortnight and we guarantee there will always be something fun for you to enjoy with your little one, whatever the weather.

Take a look at the Tots Play Space

Tots play space
Tots play space
Tots play space
Tots play space
Tots play space

After you sign up for the Tots Play Space, we’ll email you with details on how to access all of the exclusive content, which is free of charge and updated every fortnight.

Learning through play

Children love to play and that means they love to learn. Our activities will make little ones laugh, smile and, most importantly, feel curious about the world around them. We’ve designed every activity to feel like a super-fun game and each one develops specific skills. We apply the Early Years Framework of Characteristics of Effective Learning in all that we do, this includes: playing and exploring, active learning, and creating and thinking critically.

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Child proudly smiling and showing off what they discovered during outdoor play

The NGHS experience

Before the COVID-19 lockdowns, we loved welcoming local families into NGHS for weekly “Tots Have Fun” sessions, where they enjoyed specialist sessions such as Music, Outdoor Learning and Messy Play in our school grounds. It was a lovely way to support our local community by sharing our teaching skills and facilities, including the climbing wall, woodland area and outdoor learning space, music rooms and Junior Library, and we look forward to running these sessions again soon. The Tots Play Space is an innovative way to continue to support children’s development and we’re so excited to invite you to explore everything it has to offer.

Hear from our teaching experts

Discover some of the advice our Nursery and Reception team offer to support your child’s development through play.

This activity allows you to introduce many opportunities for learning in a fun way, from talking about the colours of the hoops and beanbags to using positional language to describe where the beanbags land.

- Mrs Sharon Astill

Encourage your little one to use language as you both talk about what you see happening - is the surface getting darker? Why do you think this is happening?

- Miss Emma Duce

I had a change of career when both my children started school and I decided it was time for me to finally follow my dream of working with children.

- Mrs Sharon Astill

Instead of flashcards, look for moments where your little one is counting familiar objects such as socks as they help you with the washing, or counting their toys cars as they help to tidy up.

- Mrs Nicola Brown

Fine motor skills help children perform simple, everyday tasks such as feeding themselves, gripping toys as well as drawing and fastening up their clothes.

- Miss Emma Duce

I am passionate about supporting fine motor development to enable a good start with early mark making which leads to early writing.

- Miss Emma Duce

This is a great activity to start with the Rainbow song and children will love identifying colours and searching for objects around the home.

- Mrs Nicola Brown

I love being a part of a fabulous, vibrant and enthusiastic team, and also working with such creative, independent and confident girls.

- Mrs Nicola Brown

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What our families think

We’re proud to support our Tots Play Space community. Hear from some of our families and find out why they enjoy exploring everything it has to offer.

  • Wow! The Tots Play Space is really impressive and I love how you’ve represented real people. Being an interactive platform makes it more exciting to explore and find new activities for the week.

    - Mum of Tamsin and Gemima

  • This is a superbly structured means of not merely entertaining but ensuring directed development at an early age. With it’s instructive use of videos, templates and downloads this is an excellent way for parents at home to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the amazing teaching staff at NGHS.

    - Mum of Vince

  • We’ve founds Tots Play Space engaging and great fun to use. The activities are simple to recreate at home and set a framework from which creativity and imaginative thought can blossom. We’ve loved engaging with the platform.

    - Mum of Clementine