Help with fees – bursaries and scholarships

Alongside all of the GDST schools, we believe that our quality education should be accessible to bright talented girls from all backgrounds, whatever their financial circumstances.

That’s why we offer a range of bursaries and scholarships to provide financial assistance to bright girls who we know would thrive with an NGHS education.

Bursaries – how to apply

Bursaries are awarded based on both academic ability and a family’s income and financial resources.


Step 1 – Complete NGHS application form

Please complete the application form to apply for a place at NGHS and indicate that you wish to apply for a bursary.


Step 2 – Complete GDST bursary application form

After you’ve applied for a place at NGHS, we’ll email you a link to the GDST bursary application form where you’ll be asked to declare your income and financial assets.


Step 3 – Assessing your financial eligibility

The GDST will assess your eligibility for a bursary, let us know whether you qualify and confirm the maximum amount of financial assistance we can offer you.


Step 4 – Academic assessment

Year 7: there are no additional assessments to the standard NGHS application assessments. These include an entrance examination, interview with the Deputy Head and reference from girls’ current schools.

Year 12: girls eligible for a bursary will be invited to take an online cognitive abilities test.  The results will be taken into consideration when awards are made.


Step 5 – Confirmation of award

If you are eligible and your daughter has performed exceptionally well in our entrance assessment process, we will offer your daughter a bursary at the same time as offering your daughter a place at NGHS. At this point we will also confirm the level of financial assistance we will be able to offer you.

Bursary FAQs

  • What is a bursary?

    A bursary is a means tested form of financial assistance which enables girls who are exceptionally bright to access an education here at NGHS.  The value of a bursary is related to the income and financial resources of a family.

  • How much is a bursary worth?

    Bursaries range from 30% to 100% of the fees. The awards are reassessed each year to confirm continued eligibility.

  • Who is eligible for a bursary?

    We offer bursaries to girls applying to join Year 7 and Year 12. Eligibility is assessed based on a family’s income and financial resources.

  • Who do we offer bursaries to?

    We offer bursaries to girls who are eligible and who also perform exceptionally well during our academic assessments.

  • What do the academic assessments involve?

    Year 7:  The results of the entrance examination and assessment process are taken into consideration when awards are made.

    Year 12:  Girls applying for a bursary will sit an online cognitive abilities test.  The results of the test are taken into consideration when awards are made.


Scholarships are awarded based on academic ability and performance during entrance assessments. They are generally to the value of 5 – 10% of the fees for the duration of a girl’s time at the school.  It’s possible to have a scholarship supplemented by a bursary.


Year 7 Academic scholarships

Available to girls joining Year 7, these awards recognise outstanding academic ability and potential.  A further scholarship is also available for girls joining Year 7 from NGHS Junior School.

Performing Arts scholarships

Introduced in 2017 to mark the opening of our new Performing Arts Centre, these awards are available to girls joining Year 7.

Music scholarships

Senior School music scholarships are available to girls joining Year 10 and above.  In recognition of the incredible commitment and talent of so many of our NGHS Junior School girls, we also offer an additional Key Stage 3 Music scholarship to NGHS girls moving from Year 6 to Year 7. This offers free music tuition for three years.

Sports scholarships

NGHS girls moving into Year 7 from Year 6 are eligible to apply for this award which is worth 10% of the fees. We look for great potential across a range of sporting activities as well as exceptional talent in one particular sport.

Sixth Form Scholarships

Sixth Form scholarships, which recognise outstanding academic ability and potential, are available to girls joining Year 12.

How to apply for a scholarship

Step 1 – complete an NGHS application form

The NGHS application form can be completed hereWe will contact you to invite you to apply for any of the scholarships you would like to.

Step 2 – scholarship assessments

Year 7 academic scholarships are awarded automatically based on the results of the entrance assessments.

Performing Arts scholarships are awarded to girls based on their performance in an audition held in November. We will observe their ability in singing, drama, movement and dance. We are looking for all round performers who are passionate about performing arts.

For Music Scholarships, we invite girls to attend an audition where we assess their musical talent.

Sports scholarships are awarded based on a practical assessment and written recommendation from a sports coach, team manager or external club teacher.

Sixth Form scholarships – these are awarded automatically based on GCSE exam results.

Step 3 – offer of awards

We will offer scholarship awards at the same time as offering your daughter a place at NGHS shortly after the entrance assessments have been completed.

For Year 12, we will offer the awards once GCSE results have been received.

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