Empowering girls for an
extraordinary future

The future is going to be amazing, and we can’t wait to see what it brings. Our aims are to nurture, educate and encourage our girls to dream big and carve their own path in life. Whether they’ll be trailblazing leaders or innovative entrepreneurs, we unlock talents and ignite sparks so they can smash stereotypes and enter the world with confidence, energy and passion. With our expertise in girls, education and cutting edge teaching and learning techniques, we ensure we are continually learning and giving our girls the very best opportunities to equip them for extraordinary lives within school and beyond.

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I’m so proud that we are at the cutting edge of technology, teaching and learning, and in our approach to care.
Julie Keller, Head Explore our school

Led by our values

We are unified behind our principles and relentlessly pursue our vision. We lead through
our core values, which act as the pillars of everything we stand for as a school.

Girls first

Our girls are our focus, the driving force behind everything we do. We encourage each and every girl to be the best that she can be and we have the expertise to equip her to excel.


We’re paving the way for a future where girls smash stereotypes.


Our girls take risks. They speak up, push themselves, and act with conviction, commitment and confidence.

A supportive family

As part of the GDST, our girls are part of a unique and powerful support network of 25 schools and over 70,000 alumnae.

Smashing stereotypes for a new style of education

We are in exciting times and NGHS is an exciting place to be. Equipping the female leaders of the future matters now more than ever before. We’re opening doors so girls realise their brilliance in their own unique way – a first class education for the modern world.