Our inspirational team

Our young, dynamic and progressive Senior Leadership Team led by our Head, Julie Keller, ensures the smooth running of every aspect of the school, making it the perfect environment for girls to learn and thrive.

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The School Governing Body too plays a vital role. Our Governors are our ambassadors and advisors. Their support helps us deliver quality education and opportunities for current and future pupils.

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And let’s not forget abour our teaching staff – they’re the people who make the magic happen in the classroom. Read more about some of our Senior Teaching Staff and our Infant and Junior Teaching Staff

Everybody matters

The success of a team depends on every one of its members, and that’s no different here at NGHS. Every member of staff is important and equally valued. They all have a role to play from keeping the school safe and clean, cooking and serving the amazing food here, to delivering inspirational lessons and valuable care and advice. Our two school dogs, Saffy and Delilah, are part of the team too. Keeping us smiling every day, they contribute to the very special family feel we all enjoy.

The teaching staff at NGHS are experts in their individual subject fields, and also in girls’ education and needs. That’s what makes us different – we’re 100% girl focused. It’s what we do, what we’ve always done and what we’ll always do.

An outstanding school depends on more than just outstanding teaching. The support staff here are part of the engine that keeps the school running. Always busy behind the scenes, always happy to help, from Admissions through to Finance, from Catering through to Marketing, everybody plays a vital part in the NGHS journey, from start to finish.

Our girls clearly know this. They’re always courteous and friendly to our staff, showing respect and appreciation, and the feeling is mutual.

Happy staff mean happy girls means a happy school. We take care of our staff too, with regular wellbeing events and staff social activities. We’re also part of the Positive Schools Project. It’s an initiative focusing on the psychological wellbeing of students by training the staff first, and it really works. It’s a progressive and holistic whole school approach from which everybody benefits.