Music every day

It’s hard to describe how magical the Music of NGHS is. It thrives and lives throughout every corner of the school. Girls play, sing, listen and enjoy all the time. It inspires them, develops them, supports their wellbeing and builds their confidence in a very powerful way.



In our Infant and Junior School, 95% of our girls play an instrument. Our Da Capo Music Programme for Reception to Year 2 enables girls to trial lessons across a range of instruments.

This means many of our girls are inspired from an early age, and make informed choices about what they would like to pursue and where their strengths lie.

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To be part of their musical journey is really gratifying
Jay Robertson, Music Teacher

Inspirational education

Girls continue to be inspired by the wealth of music opportunities through the Senior School. As well as timetabled music lessons we offer one to one tuition delivered by absolute experts across a range of disciplines from voice and violin through to bassoon and percussion. Take a detailed look at our list of expert music tuition providers and what they have to offer by clicking the image below:


And our parents couldn’t be happier with the music education and extracurricular opportunities available at NGHS – just take a look at some of our testimonials by clicking HERE.


Girls embrace and enjoy many amazing music activities from GCSE and A Level qualifications to prestigious international performances. It’s so important to a holistic education and wellbeing. It develops their confidence, talents, and gives them an incredible grounding in something that will provide them with pleasure and opportunities throughout their lives.



Girls perform in our musical productions, orchestras, bands and groups. They compose, create and explore using cutting edge technology. We nurture a range of music styles to inspire and encourage all tastes, from traditional orchestra to rock band. There’s always something fabulous to take part in and listen to. Even our common spaces have pianos in them so the girls can play whenever they’re in the mood.



The sound of girls’ voices also fills our halls. We have choirs and singing groups across the school and our staff choir also sing their hearts out at special occasions and celebration events, often to a standing ovation from the girls. Music is a joy, and it’s one of the things that makes NGHS such a warm, vibrant and joyous place to be.