Extraordinary learning leads
to academic success

From those first exciting lessons learned at the Infant and Junior School to the specialist techniques of the Sixth Form curriculum, NGHS girls learn to tackle intellectual challenges with curiosity, intelligence, passion and academic rigor. Here, girls find what they love and achieve truly excellent exam result through research led teaching methods.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate describes NGHS girls as showing “highly positive attitudes towards learning”. That’s because we’re experts in how to inspire, engage and support girls as we challenge them academically. We know that happiness, resilience and confidence are the corner stones to academic achievement and it’s our commitment to these that makes the NGHS environment so unique.


Our research-led teaching techniques

An education free from stereotypes, in an environment where girls learn without limits, complemented by unparalleled leadership opportunities, means our girls go on to excellent higher education establishments including Oxbridge and the Russell Group universities. They pursue exciting careers or adventurous gap years, confident in whatever they choose to do. The resilience, passion and positive attitude they take away from NGHS set them up for the rest of their lives.

We encourage girls to read throughout their school lives. We know that girls learn best when they engage with a subject deeply, explore a subject thoroughly and understand the relevance of what they’re taught. These are also the qualities that set applicants apart when applying for Oxbridge and other top universities, as well as in their chosen professions.

With two libraries and daily newspapers delivered to common spaces, girls are always reading. They read for pleasure, for study and for deep learning. We love to see this. We know that once a girl has a love of learning, she’s set for life.



Our research-led teaching techniques and girl-centric approach means that our whole school environment is designed with girls in mind. Girls learn best through collaboration, discussion and understanding the relevance of what they’re learning. Our lessons, lunch time clubs and common room spaces are all designed to maximise these techniques, and coupled with the expertise of our teaching staff, we know that girls at NGHS are set up in the best way possible for success.



Our latest GCSE and A-Level results can be found HERE and reflect the system adopted during the COVID-19 years. The last time actual exams were sat was in 2019 when we were as strong as ever, with 100% of our girls passing their A Levels, an incredible 25% of grades at A* and 55% at A* to A.

GCSE grades were our best in eight years with 27% at the highest Grade 9 and 87% at Grades 9 – 6.

See our GCSE results for 2019

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When I walk into our classrooms, I see excitement, engagement, fun, challenge and curiosity all around!
Lindsay Wharton-Howett, Assistant Head