Happiness and success

Wellbeing is extremely important to us and we place great emphasis on making sure that girls feel secure within our school community. All members of staff treat the girls with individual respect and care. Our girls support each other. The Independent Schools Inspectorate describes the school as having “an ethos of respect for self and others” and rates the quality of personal development as excellent. 

Happiness and success are inseparable

Every member of staff is responsible for helping to develop not only the highest academic standards, but also the confidence and self-esteem which comes from feeling valued as an individual and as a member of a larger community.

Care and wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing is such an important issue for young people, and it’s something we invest in heavily. We know that emotional health and success are inextricably linked. We have the best team possible to support our girls throughout the school. Our School Nurse has a background in Senior Management at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and we have a dedicated Educational Support practitioner and an on-site School Counsellor.



Support at every stage

Care starts at the very beginning, with the Form Tutor who will have the girls’ best interests at heart. As they makes their way through the Key Stages there will also be a Pastoral Head responsible for Years 7 – 9 and another for Years 10 – 11. Between all of these people, every girl’s needs will be met and there will always be somebody to turn to should the need arise.

Two school girls in uniforms playing with Saffy the miniature Labradoodle one of the school dogs on a grass field

Dogs and dinners

We must not forget to mention our school dogs, Delilah at the Infant and Junior School and Saffy at the Senior School, always on hand to provide furry four-legged comfort if required. Of course, not all girls like dogs and if they’re not a fan, they need never come into contact with either of our canine companions.

Emotional wellbeing is vital, and so is physical health. We have all the expertise and support our girls will ever need here at NGHS, including fabulous food provision in our state of the art dining hall. With a range of freshly prepared healthy food choices on offer every day, mind and body will be nourished, ready to take on whatever the school day brings.