A top school in the heart
of Nottingham

Blue rosette with the words "Finalist Independent Schools of the Year 2023 Celebrating Excellence in EducationA selective school with high standards, our academic success garners national recognition.

Our unique energy and passion powers some truly inspirational teaching, and we have a dynamic approach to learning.

The result?

Outstanding academic results from thoroughly engaged girls who go out into the world and smash those stereotypes. We’re specialists in educating girls and we’re passionate about empowering the female leaders of the future.

We asked our parent community for their thoughts on the NGHS experience. Hear what they had to say:

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It makes every girl feel valued.
Senior School parent

Successful girls are happy girls

We have a unique understanding of how girls learn and excel. Alongside our passion, we have the very best tools for an exceptional education.

Proud to be a GDST school

We use our knowledge to get the best out of our students, with research-led, tailor-made teaching methods and a commitment to arming girls with key life skills to excel in life.

An environment to help them thrive

From the latest in classroom learning technology and an incredible performing arts centre, all the way through to a fitness suite, and our own woodland area, we set the stage for greatness.

Putting wellbeing first

We prioritise a tailored support system that helps build well-rounded individuals who are confident, happy and successful.

An education that goes beyond the classroom

Many of our clubs run at lunch time when the school is buzzing with Music, Sport, Art and even dissection.

Extraordinary opportunities
for every girl

Extraordinary opportunities
for every girl

Our girls have access to opportunities that go beyond their wildest dreams. No distance is too far when it comes to opening doors – quite literally. We’ve travelled to mountains, ice caps and bustling cities. The sky really is the limit.

One of the most important parts of our education is enabling girls to lead. Experts in girls, we know that leadership is a habit. Girls taking up leadership positions in many different ways here and by the time they reach the workplace, they are confident and carry this on into exciting leadership positions in their chosen careers.

There are no gender stereotypes and no limits at NGHS. Girls excel in what they’re best at with nothing holding them back. It’s no wonder generations of NGHS girls have gone on to achieve extraordinary things.


Preparing girls for the future they deserve

In rapidly changing times, we’re always looking ahead. We’re dedicated to equipping our girls to take on the world – all its opportunities and challenges and diversity. Wherever they want to go, we make sure they have the skills, confidence and resilience to get there, in addition to a set of fantastic exam results.

Pushing boundaries for independent girls’ schools

We’ve never been afraid to push boundaries and strive for more, and it’s undoubtedly raised an eyebrow or two over the years. In 1881 we established a school football club, which subsequently became a highly popular activity despite being deemed ‘too dangerous’ for girls! We still have an incredible football team today, and won the Nottingham Post’s Sports Awards in 2018.

We are the cutting edge of education and are determined to set up each and every NGHS girl for a truly extraordinary future.

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A GDST school

We’re proud to be part of the GDST network. No other school in the region can offer young girls all the amazing benefits of being part of such a unique and forward-thinking organisation, and we share the belief that girls really do learn best when they learn without limits.

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Meet Claire, our Diversity and Inclusion Lead, who
explains what she loves about NGHS

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When I first walked through the doors, the atmosphere felt really energetic immediately.
Claire, Diversity and Inclusion Lead
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Shaping the future

Part of the inspirational Girls’ Day School Trust, we’re proud to have been educating brilliant girls for nearly 150 years. Our rich history is peppered with inspiring moments that form the essence of who we are: progressive, creative, different. We’re committed to carrying that torch long into the future, so we can continue to empower girls and women for years to come.

We have made significant strides in promoting not just physical activity for girls, but also Maths and the Sciences. There is nothing NGHS girls can’t do, and we’re so proud to see them entering the world with their can do attitudes.

The future is an incredibly exciting place, and we are driven by our passion to empower girls to exceed.