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academic results

Our latest exam results demonstrate the academic excellence of our students. During 2021, external exams were not taken in schools across the country. Students took part in many challenging assessments across their subjects, providing evidence of their consistently high performance. Head, Julie Keller, explains how proud she is of the way our students have demonstrated their commitment to excellence during this time.

“Over the last two years, students across the country have had to demonstrate an extraordinary amount of resilience and determination. At NGHS, I couldn’t be happier to celebrate the exceptional achievements of our 2021 Year 11 and Year 13 cohorts, who excelled across all of their subjects. They adapted to guided home learning, dealt with COVID-19 restrictions and self-isolation, whilst also taking part in assessments over a long period of time. Their outstanding results are a reflection of their consistently high performance across these assessments, and they should be extremely proud.”

Exam results

The 2021 exam grades are the result of Teacher Assessed Grades, where students took part in a series of challenging internal assessments. The grades are based on the results of these numerous assessments. As 2021 has been unlike any other exam year, the results should be looked at in isolation from other schools and previous years.This is the case for all schools across the UK.

To read more about our “Class of 2021” please visit our news items, which celebrate everything our pupils have achieved, including their A Level and GCSE grades.

A-Level Results 2021

GCSE Results 2021


The following results, from 2019, were the last time that pupils across the UK took part in formal exams.


A-Level results 2019



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GCSE results 2019


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The success of these GCSE results means that the majority of our Year 11 girls meet the entrance criteria to continue their education in our Sixth Form.

The quality of the A Level results allows our girls to go on to the very best Higher Education establishments including Oxbridge.

University Destinations 2018



We continue to watch their progress as they make their way into the world of work, reaping the benefits of a progressive NGHS education and striding confidently into a future of their choosing. We love welcoming our inspiring alumnae back to school on a regular basis to hear about the exciting things they’re doing to make the most of their words of wisdom and advice for the younger girls.

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The future starts here

Take a look at the varied range of courses and destinations of our Year 13 leavers, and some of the inspiring stories of our alumnae. They go on to pursue some incredible and often surprising careers, smashing stereotypes and confidently making their mark in the world.

We celebrate the diversity of the career choices our girls make and the variety of exciting professions that the future holds. Medicine is often a popular aspiration with our girls, and we’re proud to have 18 girls going on to study medicine in 2019.