Putting the ‘extra’ in extracurricular

Our Senior School girls’ learning continues beyond their classrooms with our enrichment
programmes and extracurricular opportunities in which they develop their leadership skills,
teamwork and self-confidence.

Progressive challenges make fearless girls

We offer a whole host of fun and engaging activities where girls take on diverse challenges, from competitive team sports to pet club, book club and choir to fencing and orienteering. The girls even enjoy a lunch time dissection club.


Take a look at our enrichment activities

Our girls are encouraged to embrace the great outdoors. Whether as part of the curriculum or our enrichment programmes, girls of all ages take part in a variety of activities, including den building, bushcraft and scaling the heights of the climbing wall. Taking part in outdoor activities helps build character, stamina and resilience, while promoting leadership and teamwork skills. It’s also a lot of fun and goes hand in hand with our ethos of smashing gender stereotypes!

Stepping away from school

There are many adventures to be had away from school too. Our wide range of trips and activities include a thriving Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme, an Exploration Society and overseas expeditions that’ll really test endurance with gruelling terrains like ice caps and mountains. Our trips and excursions are designed to open girls’ minds and expand their horizons as they develop their personal, physical and intellectual skills in different environments. From bustling cities to tranquil countryside, from local streets to international shores, it’s a big world out there and our girls thrive on exploring it.


school houses reps stood together smiling

In-house activities

Our House system is also a big part of our community. It promotes a sense of belonging and encourages our girls to support each other and make friends in different age groups. It provides them with positive role models and leadership opportunities where they take responsibility for themselves and others. From House Performing Arts to Sports Day, friendly rivalry builds confidence in a safe environment and positive, jovial camaraderie across the school year groups.

Experiential learning helps our girls become independent with important life skills like cooperation and communication. It is where concepts taught in the classroom come to life, giving them a deeper and richer understanding, and research proves that this is the best way for girls to learn. It also helps our girls understand and appreciate different cultures and environments, essential to building a connected community.