We have so much to be proud of during a year which has presented us with challenges like never before. Our focus on developing positive, resilient and extraordinary girls has meant that our Year 13 leavers have achieved incredible A-Level results in the face of adversity.

All A Level students across the country received Centre Assessed Grades this year, due to the cancellation of exams. Despite the complexity of A-Level grading this year, NGHS girls have remained positive and resilient and have achieved excellent grades to be proud of. On top of this brilliant set of academic results, each girl also has a wealth of experience and success from her extra-curricular activities and leadership opportunities. You can read more about this on our Year 13 profiles page.

We all know that results are crucial but the ability to thrive and succeed in the future is based on the bigger picture – the individual as a whole. And the incredible success of our Guided Home Learning programme throughout lockdown has meant that our girls are more than ready for university life, and the working world beyond. Girls have been participating in the GDST wide Limitless Learning programme which introduced them to their degree subjects through special lessons, discussion groups and curricular activities, meaning they are already operating at degree level in their studies, and will go to university with confidence and a great head start to exceptional degrees.

There are no limits or stereotypes to what NGHS girls achieve. They have attained exceptional success in STEM subjects once again, and girls are going on to top universities, including Oxbridge, to study subjects in which women are often under-represented including Medicine, Civil Engineering, Physics, Maths and Computer Science.

We’re proud of all of our girls, who have achieved academic success and extraordinary life skills during their time with us, especially throughout lockdown with our Guided Home Learning programme. Just some of the examples we’re delighted to be celebrating today include:

  • Toto (4 x A*s in Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and Spanish) who will go to the University of Manchester to study Actuarial Science and Mathematics
  • Scarlett (4 x A*s in Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths and Physics) who will study Computing at Imperial College London
  • Arianne (3 x A*s in Maths, Further Maths and Physics) will go on to study Physics at the University of Bath after a year out

  • Elizabeth (3 x A*s in French, History and Maths) who will go to King’s College Cambridge to study Modern and Medieval Languages
  • Maisie (A*, A*, A in Biology, English Combined and Art) who will be applying for Oxbridge next year.
  • Serena (A*, A*, A in Economics, Geography and Maths) who is going to study Economics and Geography at the University of Leeds
  • Isabella (A*, A*, A in Spanish, Psychology and Chemistry) who will study psychology at the University of Manchester
  • Anyaa (A*, A, A in Chemistry, Biology and Maths) who will go on to study Medicine at UCL
  • Shelly (A*, A, A in Biology, Chemistry and Maths) who will study Medicine at the University of Nottingham

  • Honor (A*, A, A in English Literature, Art and Psychology) and will study Film Studies at the University of Warwick
  • Erin (A, A, B in Music, Politics and Economics) who will go on to study Politics at the University of Leeds

Our Head, Julie Keller, is delighted and congratulates the girls saying:

“I never had any doubt that the determination, resilience and positivity of my NGHS girls would shine through during this challenging summer. I’m so impressed with their incredibly high results. They’re a reflection of the academic excellence they have displayed throughout their A-Level courses. Just as importantly, I am also delighted to congratulate them on all of their other achievements during their time at NGHS, from Duke of Edinburgh to sporting achievements and artistic awards. It is the combination of academic results, attitude and leadership skills that will grant them the extraordinary futures they so deserve.”