As we say farewell and good luck to our Class of 2023, our outgoing Head Girl Libby shares her thoughts about her journey through Nottingham Girls’ High School, and how her experiences here will help shape her future: 

My 14 years at Nottingham Girls’ High School have been really very special. It has been a huge privilege to not only be Head Girl, but also to be part of this great community in which we are considerate and kind to each other, we learn from and with each other. We challenge each other to do better in and outside the classroom. 

We are all proud of who we have become and of what we have done to achieve our goals. 

I remember saying to the Year 6s:

“The biggest tip I can share with you is that you should be excited by the new opportunities change brings. As you start new things you should never be scared to ask for help. There will always be others feeling as concerned as you are and many around to offer advice”.

For anybody facing a time of great and exciting change it’s a good tip to remember. As many of us are going to big and possibly scary places next year, all the lessons we’ve learned at NGHS will help us on our way. We will be confident, kind and considerate, proactive and positive, and never embarrassed or scared to ask for help.

Moving forward gives us all a perfect opportunity to look back on our journey and to reminisce on the memories we have made together.  

So what has NGHS helped me to achieve?

I’ve achieved independence in a school that I love. 

I think the school and everything that it stands for, has really helped me to be ‘extraordinary’. 

Being Head Girl has helped me learn how to listen, to communicate, to organise and to lead. It’s helped me to understand that everyone has their own valid point of view and that we learn as we appreciate the views of others. 

That doesn’t work unless we all work as part of one team. 

At NGHS we’re well prepared and well supported. We want to show people what we’re made of. 

I really believe that a GDST student is easily distinguished from others. We’re kind, we’re confident, we’re positive, we’re inquisitive, we‘re independent and we’re ambitious. 

I’m really proud to say that I’ve been to NGHS and I’ve had the very best 14 years I could have ever hoped for.  I’m excited to find out what happens next for us all. We’ve achieved so much, together. It’s going to be fascinating to find out what we all achieve in the future.

Libby, Head Girl, 2022/23