During the February half-term our Year 10 – 13 Drama students enjoyed an amazing performing arts and urban visit to New York.

The main focus of the trip was for the girls to experience Broadway at its highest level, and the issues surrounding urban growth of such a vivid city first hand. This fantastic tour included a Broadway show, an acting workshop plus trips to iconic buildings such as the Empire State Building, Liberty Island and Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre). Take a look at our gallery and see just what amazing experiences the girls (and staff) enjoyed:
Drama Tour to the U S of A

The visit and activities offered insights into different communities and life in the city including a walking tour of Central Park and a visit ‘Downtown’ to the financial district and to visit the 9/11 memorial which was a truly moving experience.

Hopefully by the end of their visit, the girls would return with an enhanced understanding of performance and theatre which would be beneficial to their Drama GCSE and A Level studies, and many memories to treasure.