Last term, Mr Cox from our Infant and Junior School hosted a security audit by the Science & Technology Facilities Council – all very hush hush, and only now can we reveal to you its purpose and what was going on in school last week . . . . . . .

The STFC Lunar Rocks and Meteorites Loan Scheme has been running since the 1980s, lending the UK’s collection of NASA Moon rock and meteorites to carefully vetted schools, universities and museums.  Having passed the inspection, we welcomed their collection to NGHS on Monday 3 June , since which it was the focus of some truly CREATIVE and memorable learning in Years 1 to 6. 

Activities – timed to coincide with the lead up to the Infant and Junior School ‘To the Moon and Beyond’ Summer Show – included handling and examining meteorites through magnifying glasses, testing them for magnetism, thinking about their age and mysterious origins, composing poetry and sketching them.

We have been thoroughly impressed by our girls’ appreciation for this precious, possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – they treated the Moon rocks and meteorites responsibly and respectfully, showing a palpable sense of wonder.  One condition of the STFC loan was a social media blackout whilst their priceless and uninsurable collection was on our premises – it is currently wending its way to another lucky school, so we are now thrilled to share with you some of the highlights of our EXTRAORDINARY learning last week.