The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme is really popular at NGHS and through their volunteering section, girls recently raised £1,500 to sponsor a Talking Book for the RNIB.

Mrs King from Outdoor Learning together with Jenny, a representative from the RNIB,  helped a group of DofE volunteers raise money for an RNIB Children’s Talking Book. This idea initially started off with the group learning more about the RNIB, the work they do and the impact Talking Books have on their listeners.

The team then planned, promoted and executed various events throughout the academic year including bake sales, non-uniform days, a Braille Trail, hiking the Yorkshire Three Peaks, book sales and film lunches. Some events worked better than others but the team never lost confidence in their ability to reach the £1,500 goal. Not knowing each other initially, they worked very well as a team from the very beginning showing their skill set, passion and commitment to help RNIB Talking Books.

Mrs King (seen here reading the girls a letter of thanks from the RNIB) and indeed the whole school are so proud of what they have achieved and that their story will live on through The Magic Misfits Talking Book.

“With your support we can restore the absolute joy of reading to blind and partially sighted people here in the UK”
RNIB Fundraising Team

Girls at NGHS love outdoor learning and if it can also be part of charity work then so much the better.

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