It’s one thing to be part of something as distinctive as Nottingham Girls’ High School itself, but it’s also incredibly special to be part of something as huge and influential as the GDST – The Girls’ Day School Trust.

A lot of people often overlook the fact that we are not a standalone school, but part of a family of 23 schools and two academies, spanning the length and breadth of the country, all with one thing in common – providing exceptional opportunities for girls.

We know what it’s like to go through a brand relaunch having done so ourselves just over a year ago. Our new logo and imagery have been a great success and we already feel right at home with our new look, which reflects the fact that we are a modern and innovative school. Now it’s time for the GDST to do the same and we’re delighted to introduce their smart, new branding which has been officially launched today with this powerful accompanying video. It’s very easy to forget just how much the GDST does for us all, and for our girls of course. A long established charitable organisation with over 140 years of history, the GDST has a vast amount of experience and expertise in the business of educating girls. Over the years, our girls have benefitted hugely from being part of the GDST, through such initiatives as bursaries and scholarships, as well as nationwide competitions, leadership and networking opportunities, and much more. Once they leave school too, they continue to remain under the care of the GDST through its massive 75,000 strong alumnae network and all of the prestige and influence it holds. The school itself has so much to show for being part of the GDST. Its financial contributions to estates and building projects, most recently our incredible performing arts centre, have made a big difference to our provision of that bit more than just an education, those extra facilities that simply would not otherwise have been possible.

We feel that it’s really important for everybody, including our prospective parents and girls to know that they will be part of this extended family, as well as part of this incredible school. The debates about single sex education will doubtlessly rage on, but we know that it works and we’ve proved it with some exceptional examination results. There will always be competition and the grass may sometimes seem greener elsewhere, but the GDST has got our backs; we’re not alone, and we shouldn’t forget that. They are pioneers in girls’ education, leading the all-girls school movement which we are proud to continue. So it’s time to really promote the GDST and everything it stands for, and all that comes with being a member of such a supportive network of friends and family. We’re honoured to belong to such effective champions of girls’ education with so much to offer; it’s there for the taking, so come and join us.