As part of our progressive and stretching approach to Religious Education and British Values, Year 6 were treated to an in-person Q&A session with Channel 4’s award-winning news correspondent, Darshna Soni, on Friday.

This event – which also included Year 6 parents and girls from the Senior School interested in jobs in journalism – was an opportunity to probe Darshna on a range of issues relating to her reports on multi-cultural Britain, and her career path to reporting for one of this country’s most respected news organisations.



It was also interesting to be reminded that TV journalism is heavily regulated by Ofcom, whereas there are no such controls on social media platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat which are increasingly seen as convenient (albeit unverified and superficial) sources of news for impressionable young people.  Well done for coming up with such great questions for our guest speaker, Year 6 – and it was good to see you responding so positively to the humility and compassion which she showed when she told us how it feels to interview those who find themselves in desperate circumstances.