So here we are at the end of a super year, the highlight of which for me of course, was becoming Head of this amazing school after Easter, and watching it grow and progress in so many ways. I count myself very lucky to have received the support of staff, girls and parents alike, which has made my settling in period so easy and enjoyable. Now as we enter the summer holidays, I feel I can look back and appreciate all of the amazing things that have happened during my Headship so far, and ensure that there are many more to follow.

We’ve been through a lot during the summer term and packed a lot in – open events, performances, trips and celebrations; the school seems to thrive on these and is endlessly lively. It has of course been our 140 year anniversary and we have managed to incorporate this into so much of school life themed lessons, assorted challenges, a wonderful garden party at the Junior School and our Summer Arts Festival most recently. During each of these unique events the one thing that has struck me the most is how much talent there is present at the school, from the very youngest girls right up to the Sixth Form. I’ve seen some wonderful acting and dancing, heard outstanding music and singing, and marvelled at fantastic sporting achievements.

It has become clear from this that these are areas in which we surpass, and parents agree, from what I have gathered at my meetings with them. I’m delighted therefore to announce that our timetable of extracurricular activities for the coming year has been designed to promote excellence as well as provide opportunities for ALL girls to become involved. Music and sporting activities will be available on different days of the week across the whole school – every girl should be able to participate in both of these if she so desires. With Mr Rolfe’s expert involvement, enthusiasm and musical skill having produced success after success in the Junior School, I’m really thrilled that his music club provision will now extend to the Senior School too, enabling the whole school approach that is so important in maintaining levels of excellence, interest and of course fun, across all year groups.

Our girls throw themselves wholeheartedly and enthusiastically into everything they do, revelling in their successes and accepting their defeats with good grace, which is as it should be. They will have so much to choose from, so many ways in which to develop their skills, have fun, gain confidence and experience not only in school, but outside – it promises to be a really exciting time, especially as our new Performing Arts Centre is nearing completion and should be open in the autumn.

With that, I hope that all of our girls and staff have a wonderful summer break, relaxing, having fun and enjoying precious family time together, and come back to us refreshed and ready to take on another exciting and successful school year. I hope to be able to congratulate girls and parents alike when exam results come out in the summer, and see parental involvement and inclusion grow even more in the new year – we’ve already seen what can be achieved by this, and things can only get better. In a world which appears to be rapidly changing and presenting us with new challenges, we pride ourselves on remaining steadfast and doing what we have always done and what we do best – providing an excellent educational experience for girls.