Wow – what a fantastic day we had on Saturday 13 October.  With more visitors than ever before, over a range of age groups, it was a fun day full of activity and buzz.

Our youngest visitor was just 18 months old. She loved visiting the Junior School, especially the library with all our beautiful, colourful books, and the Rainbow Room with sunshine streaming rainbow colours into our Junior School entrance way. Our eldest visitors included girls looking to do their A Levels in our Sixth Form. They loved the independent feel and home comforts of our modern Sixth Form Centre as well as the flexible curriculum we offer to cater for our girls individually.

We know that a school’s Head is of the utmost importance to prospective parents and pupils so we started the day with a talk from Julie Keller in the Squire Performing Arts Centre. She spoke about the key things she is most proud of on offer at Nottingham Girls’ High School.

21st Century Offer

Breaking down perceptions that an all-girls independent school could be old fashioned, stuffy and boring, Julie Keller and all of our girls proved that NGHS is anything but. Academic success is exceptionally high here, and that goes hand in hand with our forward thinking approach. Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Innovative teaching techniques come as standard and our contemporary communication approach means that our door is always open, parents, teachers and girls truly know each other, and the opportunities for the girls are second to none.


Pioneers in Girls’ Education, Leaders in Education

As part of our modern approach, we are always at the forefront of the most effective ways to teach, support and inspire learning in our girls all the way from age 4 to 18. A personalised, flexible curriculum, inspirational role models from our alumnae network, teaching methods that ensure girls see the relevance of their learning, and fostering confidence through empowered learning right from the very beginning in Reception means that our girls benefit from the best possible facilities, techniques and environment to bring out the best in them.


Academic Excellence

Our girls do extremely well academically. We are a top 100 school, and a top 30 prep school. Our exam results are phenomenal every year. We surpass average grades for other independent schools in the country.

Beyond the Classroom

Most importantly, it’s not just these academic standards that set our girls up for success in life throughout their school years and beyond. We have a plethora of extra-curricular activities available, which all contribute to girls’ leadership skills, happiness, confidence and success. Music, sport, outdoor learning, performing arts – here at NGHS girls have the opportunity, the encouragement, the support and the environment free of stereotypes and limitations to enjoy them to their fullest.


Girls lead here. They get into the habit of leading from an early age. To speak up, push themselves out of their comfort zones, take risks and enjoy learning new skills is the norm. There is no embarrassment because of gender stereotypes, no misconceptions that certain people take on certain roles, and no self-consciousness. By the time our girls get to university and/or the work place they are confident, happy and used to leading. We will be smashing that glass ceiling with future generations!


As part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, a family of 25 independent girls’ schools in England and Wales, NGHS benefits from a phenomenal support group of women including alumnae from all industries and walks of life. Handing down the ladder to the next generation of women is something we all believe passionately about and enjoy doing so on a regular basis.

Be Who You Want to Be

All of this means that our girls are set up to be whoever they want to be throughout their life. Confident. Resilient. Positive. Energetic. Supported. These are words our visitors used to describe the girls they met on Saturday and we couldn’t be more proud of them all.

Join Us

If you’re inspired by what you’ve seen and heard, why not join us for one of our many forthcoming open events which run throughout the year. Visit our Open Events page to find out more and book a place. You too could be part of our extraordinary NGHS family.