When you bring your daughter to the NGHS Nursery, you know she’s in safe hands and that she’s going to have a wonderful day.


There are lots of reasons why we love our new Nursery, here is our top ten. Girls are never too young to start learning and they’re picking up new ideas all of the time. In the right and stimulating environment, their learning journey begins.


  1. The personalised care

As soon as girls arrive we get to know them all very well. They’re all different, individual and unique, and that’s why we tailor the learning experience to each particular girl. We see what makes them tick, what excites them and we build on it.



  1. Caring for each other

The girls at our Nursery are like members of a little family. They look forward to seeing each other every day and greet each other with a big, friendly hug. What a lovely way to start the day. Making friends is all part on an enriching experience and adds to their confidence and happiness. This is so important to us here at NGHS.

  1. Bringing learning to life using all five senses

A successful learning environment needs to be stimulating. We make sure we appeal to all of the senses. The girls have recently been learning about dinosaurs and so made some reptile skin play dough. It’s not just about seeing and hearing experiences; imagine what a dinosaur might feel like! Igniting imagination and curiosity from the very beginning keeps the girls engaged and interested.


nursery pupils concentrating on making things
Girls enjoy  using all their senses.


  1. The inspiring lessons of our extraordinary specialist afternoons

Our Nursery is always buzzing with activity. In the afternoons it gets really exciting. Our expert staff deliver some very special lessons. From exploring in our very own Forest School to baking in Food Technology or enjoying sound and movement with music and dance; every afternoon provides an adventure.


Forest School is one of our specialist activities.


  1. Finding new ways to make marks as we start to learn to write

Playful squiggles soon develop into more structured mark making. This is the beginning of learning how to write. It’s an exciting and creative time as our girls learn to express themselves.

  1. Seeing rapid progress in the girls’ vocabulary

Applying new words into our play every day expands the girls’ vocabulary. They love to hear new words, to learn their meaning and to repeat them. It’s amazing how quickly they then grasp more complex sentence structures. Before you know it, they’re happily chatting away about their day at Nursery.


Girls learn new things in fun ways.


  1. Seeing our Reading Buddies each week

Reading is crucial of course, and having older Reading Buddies is a brilliant way to learn. It’s also a two-way process; the Nursery girls enjoy poring over a colourful and exciting book with their older peers, and the older girls learn how to communicate and share their knowledge and skills with their new friends. Everybody looks forward to this – it’s a win-win situation.


Girls love to read with the older girls, their “reading buddies”.


  1. Watching their excited faces when they experience something new

Who doesn’t love to see a little girls’ face light up when she sees something new and exciting? Our Nursery girls are exposed to lots of new things to see and do every day, like meeting Delilah, the school dog. Such experiences are so valuable to them. They remember their adventures and love to share them.


school dog
School dog, Delilah, is a firm favourite with the girls.


  1. Watching confidence grow every day

Our Nursery is such a friendly and inviting space. The girls love spending time there and because they have such fun. As they build friendships and try new things, so their confidence grows. It’s so wonderful to see this happen.

10.Developing the girls’ independence

All of the points listed above add to the girls’ readiness for the Infant and Junior School. They are equipped to go on and flourish in our safe and nurturing environment, building on their experiences and what they’ve learnt.


Find out more about the NGHS Nursery and arrange a visit. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome!


nursery school girl playing with craft materials