Every day there’s something exciting happening at NGHS. Friday 28 June was possibly the most colourful day of them all – our annual Pride festival to conclude Pride Month.

Full of fun, vibrancy, spirit, positivity, celebration, it’s a wonderful example of how our girls are passionate about living in a society where people are proud to be themselves, where human rights are fair and equal and where everyone is respected.

It’s not all just about rainbows and unicorns though. NGHS girls have the knowledge, skills and confidence to shape the future, for themselves and for those around them. As well as enjoying the the fun and celebrations the girls were also busy writing postcards and signing petitions to act against those regimes which still have atrocious human rights records, which ban the freedom of people to be themselves and which persecute people for simply loving each other. With this positive spirit, we’re bursting with pride to see how great that future looks set to be for our girls, and the difference they can make to society all around the world.

The Atrium, a central point of the school, was filled with rainbow flags, bunting made by the girls, face painting, items for sale, games and celebrations of all the things that make them proud. Arboretum Street was full of the sound of laughter coming out of the Atrium windows and passers by tooted their horns in support. The girls had the most amazing time, as did the staff, and Saffy the school dog.

Well done everyone – what a great day! #NGHSPride2019 #BeExtraordinary