Following the tremendous success of our A Level results last week, we are today revelling in our best top grades at GCSE in eight years. With a phenomenal 27% of all results at the highest Grade 9, an incredible 50% at Grades 9 – 8 and 87% at Grades 9 – 6, the academic excellence of the school shines through more than ever.

While enjoying huge success in STEM subjects once again, it’s the variety of excellent grades across a broad range of diverse subjects of which we are particularly proud, and the sheer number of girls who have achieved the very top grades.

The inspiring curriculum at NGHS allows girls to excel in the variety of things that they love. The excellent facilities and expertise of staff provides everything girls need to succeed, and this is evident in the following statistics:

  • 44% Grade 9s in Music
  • Success in Languages including 41% Grade 9s in Spanish, 35% in French and 29% in German
  • 40% Grade 9s in Drama
  • 30% Grade 9s in Latin and 33% in Classical Greek
  • In the new Technical Theatre Award at the school’s Performing Arts Centre, all girls achieved a Distinction with three gaining the TOP Distinction
  • 22 girls sat Advanced Maths (Free Standing Maths Qualification) of which 50% achieved the top Grade A

Our Head, Julie Keller, is absolutely delighted and particularly proud of the 20% of girls whose grades are ALL at 9 – 8 (equivalent to A*s) saying:

“I’m proud of every single one of our girls. Their academic accomplishment is an important part of their wider success. Their spirit, positivity and passion is what will define their successful attainments in the future and we can’t wait to see what they achieve. Special mention today goes to the following girls who have scooped the very best of the grades. Well done to all of you, notably Grace Li and Sriya Chinta who both achieved the top Grade 9 in ALL of their subjects.”

  • Aimee Roe
  • Charlotte Bell
  • Ella Whittingham
  • Erin Price
  • Francesca Lees
  • Grace Li
  • Mhairi McVicar
  • Reiko Barker
  • Rochelle Amoaku
  • Rosie Halliday
  • Rosie Staniforth
  • Saujanya Kesavan
  • Shivani Shrestha
  • Sophie Kerslake
  • Sophie Vincent
  • Sriya Chinta

We are incredibly proud of our recent successes which give the girls the confidence they need to excel in their education going forward into our Sixth Form, and beyond. This proves that an all-girls education can, and does, offer the perfect learning environment. A stimulating environment in which there are no limits and no stereotypes, just an abundance of variety and opportunities for educational enjoyment and academic excellence.

Well done to all of our girls – you should be as proud of yourselves as we are of you.

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