We are a few weeks into the summer term now and at a crucial crossroads, particularly for our Year 11, 12 and 13 girls as they enter their last few days of school before their GCSE and A Level exams begin.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the whole business of academic testing and the amount of pressure students feel under, but we all know that at this point in their lives, exams matter for these girls – their futures depend on them.

We have always done really well with our exam results, consistently ranking in the top 100 in the country despite tough competition. I believe that it is vital for girls to do well, especially in their A Levels, as they continue to be compared to their male counterparts, not only in the classroom but in the world of work beyond – we need to redress this balance, and I firmly feel that an all girls environment is the perfect place to begin to achieve this. But academic success should not come at the expense of happiness – a happy girl is a successful girl and we provide the best pastoral care we can to ensure that every girl feels safe and well and happy throughout her time at school and of course, during exam time.

So as our girls embark on study leave and then on to their exams, I hope that they get the balance right. Study hard, ask for help if you need it but don’t sacrifice your wellbeing. Remember to rest and have some fun when you can. The school is such a supportive environment and I’m sure that our exam results will reflect this and we will once again see successful and confident young women, ready to take on the world, and win!