At NGHS, our diverse and varied community brings us inspiration, learning and joy every day.
Director of Marketing and Communications, Claire Bale, shares the top five reasons she believes diversity is so important.


claire bale


When the ISI Inspectorate asked our girls if NGHS was a place that treated people of all backgrounds equally, the girls were shocked that such a question would even be raised. To them, equality is taken as read here. Diversity is embraced and celebrated. It raises an interesting question though – why is it so important to maintain these values in everything we do?


  1. Inspiring the individual

We know, care for and support every individual girl at NGHS. We understand how important it is for young people to feel heard and that the world depends on people of all different personality types, backgrounds, beliefs and behaviours. It is crucial to us, and to our sister GDST schools, that girls learn without limits. It is so important for young women to know that nothing should hold them back. Embracing diversity – recognising each individual’s qualities – ensures that our girls become confident in themselves and go on to achieve their dreams.



2. Amplifying empathy 

Right from the start, NGHS girls are taught to be empathetic. Our Nursery, Infant and Junior girls learn with the RECIPE for success (resilience, empathy, creativity, initiative, positivity and excellence). Our Senior School extra curricular activities include Diversity clubs and events. The Sixth Form Prefect Team roles include Diversity and Wellbeing Prefects who inspire us every day with their support and leadership qualities on these important topics. Empathy is a quality of strong leadership, effective team working, positive social citizenship and ultimately,  happiness and success.




3. Future global leaders 

We encourage our girls to think big and aim high. There is nothing they can’t do. In her own unique way,  each NGHS girl defines her own path.

We’re so excited to see our girls become the young women who will go out into the world and make a positive difference. They are tomorrow’s global leaders. By enjoying diversity throughout their school lives, they will naturally embrace and thrive in the diverse world in which they’ll live and work in the future.


nottingham girls high school student climbing on climbing wall


4. Fostering creativity

Variety sparks creativity. Different points of view, experiences and opinions provide stimulation and food for thought. We know that girls learn best through collaboration and discussion. They retain information when they understand its relevance in the world, so they achieve success through deep learning and debate. Diversity brings real meaning to any debate or collaboration. It truly opens up the mind and enables us to think differently. It helps us to brainstorm new ideas, to consider alternative solutions and to further our creativity. Not only is this an enjoyable way to learn, it’s fundamental to success.


nottingham girls' high school students playing instruments


5. Providing security and a sense of community 

NGHS is a family. And we are also part of the unique GDST family. It is impossible to put into words exactly how this feels, but it’s palpable as soon as you walk through our doors.  The sense of community, security and support that this brings to all of our pupils and members of staff is of great importance to all of us at NGHS, and diversity is at the heart of this. We support each other unconditionally, embrace each other’s differences and celebrate each other’s successes. This is one of the elements that makes NGHS such an inspiring place to be and I couldn’t be more grateful to be surrounded by the diverse family we have here.