Our special recipe

Our recipe encompasses six key ingredients which bring life-long academic and personal success for our Infant and Junior School girls through empowering values and attitudes. Resilience, Empathy, Creativity, Initiative, Positivity and Excellence are the qualities we inspire our girls every day, and they do us proud with the way they embrace these important traits throughout their school lives.

Our six key ingredients

A spoonful of Resilience, a sprinkle of Empathy, a dash of Creativity, mixed with Initiative, garnished with Positivity and served with Excellence. The Independent Schools Inspectorate recognizes how well girls understand the meaning and importance of these qualities and rated NGHS excellent for personal development, as well as academic and other achievements.


Selecting our ingredients

We develop these ingredients in a number of ways. They are actively taught and integrated into every learning experience by our outstanding teachers. Girls are recognised and rewarded when they demonstrate them and the girls themselves identify characters from stories and real life examples of our Recipe for Success in action. As a result, they develop an incredible toolbox of skills and characteristics to take them through school and beyond.




Following the recipe

We inspire our girls to show RESILIENCE, to pick themselves up through challenges and continue their quest for success. It’s important for girls to experience setbacks in a safe environment so that they understand that every setback is a great learning opportunity, paving the way for future success.

Our school dog, Delilah, helps girls to focus on EMPATHY. Empathy is vital to being able to work effectively with others, to build strong relationships and to be happy and successful in life. Our girls understand, respect and challenge others. Research findings show that children who grow up in the presence of animals have higher levels of empathy than others. Delilah, our school dog, is one example of how our school develops empathy every day.

We always encourage the girls to think and communicate in a POSITIVE way. We use positive language. We praise, reward and encourage success and learning every day. We practice gratitude and celebrate all the things we love and enjoy.



As an academically selective school we expect EXCELLENCE in the girls’ approach to their learning and their achievements. Our standards are high and we encourage all our girls to strive to be the very best they can be.

The opportunities for CREATIVITY are incredible. Performing Arts, Music, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Art, Creative Writing…the list goes on. These opportunities build confidence, encourage creative thinking, problem solving, and provide limitless opportunities for girls in their futures.

A can-do attitude and showing INITIATIVE means that as the girls develop, they know that there are no problems they can’t solve. Coupled with their passion for learning, it means they will go on to achieve truly extraordinary things.