The most wonderful team of
dedicated staff

Head of the Infant and Junior School, Laura Fowler, explains how proud she is of her
exceptional team of staff.

We are passionate about our girls’ learning

“I could not ask for a more passionate, engaged or expert group of staff than my team here at NGHS. Each and every teacher is passionate about their girls’ learning. There really is something special going on at this school, you feel it as you walk through the corridors, as you listen to the music that’s always playing, as you watch the teachers inspiring the girls with their creativity and sense of fun.”


“The teachers expect great things from the girls here, and they’re thrilled to share their successes and achievements every day. The positivity, passion and happiness each and every girl displays, due to the inspirational example set by their teachers, is palpable; it’s no wonder they go on to achieve such extraordinary success through their school life and beyond.”

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It’s really important that our girls develop academically and with certain characteristics for the future.”
Laura Fowler, Head of Infant and Junior School