A caring team

Girls here feel as safe and happy as they do at home, so learning comes easily and naturally to them. Their happiness is our top priority. With that secured, learning, personal development and success comes easily.

An abundant environment

The Nursery teacher has the most contact with girls on a day-to-day basis and provides a regular, caring and friendly face. As a qualified teacher, she leads the Nursery with expertise and builds great relationships with the girls. Getting to know each other and building self-esteem means that the girls feel happy, confident and secure.

As part of our Infant and Junior School, the Nursery girls will also have the benefit of being in the colourful and stimulating environment enjoyed by the other girls. There is always a friendly member of staff close by with a welcoming smile to make the girls feel at home.

There will of course be the occasional grazed knee or tearful start, it’s part of life, part of growing up. We ensure that we provide the appropriate level of care and attention to such instances. We also have our dedicated School Nurse on hand. With years of nursing and managerial experience at Great Ormond Street, she really is an expert in girls’ care and always ready to help, consult and advise if and when needed.

There is an abundant environment of care surrounding our Nursery girls all of the time. We have everything they need to introduce them to the world of school in a positive, exciting and enthusiastic way.


Our doors are always open

You’re welcome to come and visit our Nursery or talk to the Head of the Infant and Junior School.
Just call us on 0115 935 4450 and we’ll arrange it for you.