After a turbulent three years, this cohort of Year 13 students who didn’t sit their GCSEs in exam conditions back in 2021 have done exceptionally well, and we are incredibly proud of them all.

They have remained unfazed by the disruption they’ve had to endure and shown outstanding maturity and positivity, resulting in well-earned success.

Results at NGHS follow the expected trend across the country as it has been back to business as usual following the pandemic. Today we are so proud of our students in achieving:

  •        50% of grades A* to A
  •       80% of grades at A* to B
  •       97% of grades at A* to C
  •       100% pass rate

We have many things to be proud of this year and we’re particularly delighted with our English Literature, DT, Computer Science, Latin, German and EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) results which have all been awarded all  A* or A grades; a tremendous achievement. Our Year 13s have shown exceptional creativity and imagination in their EPQ choices – we’ve seen projects on all sorts of subjects from nuclear detonations to Formula One, and maternal health care disparities to the impact of “fake news”. This coursework-based qualification enhances their view of the world and benefits their university applications.

Every single one of our students has made us proud, some with outstanding individual results. Congratulations to:

  • Ela Kocacik who obtained 99% in English Literature
  • Ros Montgomery who achieved  98% in 3D Design 
  • Naomi Owen with 92% in Maths and 91% in Spanish

But the one thing which really stands out is the strength of character of our Year 13 students and how they know their own minds. They have studied the subjects that they love, achieved fantastic results, and selected the universities that will help them continue and succeed in their chosen fields. NGHS is proud to have given them the support and freedom to follow their dreams.

Many of our students are headed to Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities; several to study Medicine and others to study a variety of creative and STEM subjects. Whatever they put their minds to, they will achieve – and this is the measure of our success. All our students embody that “GDST Spirit” of which we’re so proud. 

Celebrating with the students and their families, Head, Julie Keller said:

“Every year I stand here bursting with pride at what our students have achieved – they never cease to impress me. This year’s A-level group have had a lot to contend with and they’ve come out on top with some incredible individual performances. It’s been lovely to share in their success and see them so excited for the future they’ve worked so hard to secure. Well done everybody.”   

 See more on our exam results page HERE.

And take a look at our photos below:

A-level Results Day at NGHS


Take a look at some of our A-level student success stories at their profiles by clicking their names below. They’ve all got so much to look forward to. Congratulations to:

Ela, Daisy, Hava, Libby, Natasha.

Mia, Jaime, Erin, Khansa, Naomi